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Nestled in Feusisberg, outside of Zürich and already in Canton Schwyz, is a family-operated hotel we love to frequent every year–Panorama.

True to its name, the hotel on the hill gives you a stunning panoramic view of the glittering blue lake and its picturesque waterside hamlets.

Like a gift that keeps on giving, its backyard presents an equally breathtaking vista– an imposing verdant hillside that perfectly complements the arresting sky. Not too far from the entryway is a barn. Cows adorned with bells create clunking sounds that compete with the chirping of the birds as they roam around. This landlocked nation truly oozes with storybook charm. My attempts to describe the feeling of being here almost always end up futile.

I am lucky the DHB sent me and M (his bff’s wife) to this hotel while they are in Las Vegas for their friend’s bachelor’s party. It was a fair trade-off, I think. Who better deserves a spa getaway than the wives who allowed their husbands to let loose in Las Vegas, right?






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