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I always enjoy a long stopover. I don’t like enduring the 13-14 hour flight from Zurich to Manila without any breaks. I like lounging around the airport, even going out to visit the city even for just a few hours.

Singapore has always been my favorite stop because of these reasons:

  1. It has the best airport in the world– TRAVEL TIP: They give a free 20SGD voucher for those transiting in SG which you can use at the stores inside Changi. I always get mine and use it either for a quick snack or a tube of lipstick.
  2. They have Sephora– When you order online at Sephora Philippines, the goods will most likely come from Sephora Singapore. So might as well buy direct and avoid the shipping and custom fees.
  3. Aside from its cleanliness and safety, I love that I can easily go out of the airport without a visa requirement, hop on the metro and roam around the city for less than a few dollars.
  4. The food– Chilli King Crabs, Irvin’s salted potato chips, ice cream sandwich,  Hainanese chicken from the hawkers, the list goes on!
  5. Awesome Filipino connection in SG! Whenever I’m in Singapore, I always end up not spending a dime coz there’s certainly a Filipino crew who adopts me for the day. This time around, it was Kuya L and Ate M who treated me lunch! I am so thankful for generous souls I meet all over the world!
  6. I arrive in SG at around 5 am and I watch the sun rise at the Marina Bay Sands. It’s the most awesome feeling to see the city awaken.
  7. It’s probably my 5th time in Singapore but each time I visit, there’s still something that makes my heart flutter.

Looking forward to going back,




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