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The game plan was simple: hop on the red bus that will bring us from Sliema to the heart of Malta– Valleta.

The imposing gates of the city of Valletta greeted us as we were driven around the outskirts and along the different harbours and docking stations. Malta is like the parking lot of European yachts and sailboats. It's surrounded by the Mediterranean sea which allows easy sailing access to Greece, Tunisia, and to its neighbor Italy.

This small country has become the haven for Italian and British tourists. In the plane, I saw a lot of real estate ads for Malta properties in the in-flight magazine. I'm guessing there are a lot of senior citizens who choose to retire in Malta. It is not surprising because aside from the scenic view, quaint houses with colorful balconies, and clean surroundings, Malta has close to zero crime rate.

My husband was already getting annoyed at the amount of pictures I was taking while on the bus. Who can blame me?Malta is probably at the top 2 of the most photogenic countries I've ever been to. It's like all of the houses were filtered in Instagram Valencia. Everything is color limestone beige. This provides a clean background to all the Maltese balconies that pop-up in every tasteful color imagineable. And when I say tasteful, their pink is not the loud and awful Barbie pink (no offense meant to Barbie) but always 3 shades lighter, leaning more towards peach than red, and always so subdued. Pure class.

I loved everything about Malta except for the fact that it's not as cheap as we thought it would be. Meals are almost as expensive as in Zurich! The good thing though is that you have options unlike here in Switzerland where you can't find anything cheaper than 10 dollars.





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