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When I saw B’s Facebook message asking if we’d like to go with him to Milan, I immediately asked M if she was also available. M has never been to Milano and so I was excited for her to see the big Duomo for the first time. Since I’ve stayed in Milano for days in the past, my only goal now was to shop for household stuff for half the price we’d usually spend in Zurich. I also wanted to see my family especially my goddaughter there.

It was a smooth 3-hour car ride from Zurich to the heart of the city. The fun thing about Europe is that each country has a distinct look and feel. As soon as we entered Milan, we were greeted by rows and rows of shopping stores. I gasped when I saw my favourite corner–a Sephora beside a Grom gelateria.

Italians in leather jackets and Vespas were suddenly a dime a dozen. It was days before Fashion Week and so we also spotted a number of models casually strutting the cobbled streets. Elle was also celebrating its 30th Anniversary and they put up a number of printed red umbrellas for display.

M and I feasted over the change of fashion–from the understated suits and neutral colors of the people in Zurich to the flashy metallic boots, ribboned denim pants, and floral Gucci handbags of the citizens of Italy.

For lunch, we veered away from the fancy looking restaurants and chose a hole in the wall for some authentic egg carbonara and meatballs. Of course, Italian coffee will always be on the menu. (The Italians are outraged to know that Starbucks will be setting up shop in their region.)

When we met with my auntie, she treated us to Luini sandwiches, a novelty in Milano. That was after we gorged on our caramel salz gelato + our respective favorite ice cream flavors.

I told myself that I shouldn’t be repeating countries anymore but I think Italy is just too beautiful to resist. It doesn’t help that it’s just a stone throw away from Switzerland.

Praying for more weekends like this one.

Until my next adventure,






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