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Crown of the Philippines: Coron, Palawan

First time I went to Palawan, I visited Puerto Prinsesa and island-hopped with my friends. This time around, we went to see Coron with the Zurich Crew.

We stayed at Darayonan Lodge. Everyday, we would hop on a boat and go to the different areas– Pass Island, Kayangan Lake, Shipwreck, Coral reefs, etc.

You see, I don’t know how to swim well and so I was wearing the life vest the entire time and had the captain of the boat swim with me with a floater I was holding on for dear life.

I swear, when I get to have a kid, I will enrol him as early as possible for swimming lessons. Life is not so much fun when you have this huge fear of the deep waters and vast oceans or lakes…and pools.

Anyway, highlights of the trip were 1) eating crabs and seafood almost everyday 2) finding the best halo-halo stand (Tita Esh) 3) feeling the warmth of the sun 4) bonding with 16 people from all over the world 5) finally having a photo taken at kayangan lake.



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