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Hashtag MadforCy was officially used by all last 28Nov2016.

The reason for coming home in November is to celebrate this couple’s garden wedding in Lipa, Batangas.

From the Red Planet Hotel in Makati, 4 vans transported “the Zurich Crew” to the province. We took a pit stop at SM Lipa where the boys had haircuts, the girls shopped, and everyone had early dinner. And then we headed to La Finca for the night.

The morning of the wedding, I was up early to do the makeup of the bride at Casa Luminaria. I also acted as the maid-of-honor for the pictures because the real one is camera-shy. Of course, I am not one to say no to a photo op! haha. My dress was a gift from my Papa and it was designed by Vania Romoff. I love that Nicolai Melicor’s team indulged us with a couple shoot on the side, giving us a new deck of photos for our memory box.

Mady and Cy did a great job preparing for this Provence-themed wedding. Everything went smoothly. The details were exquisite. Mady’s wedding dress, made by her fashion designer sister Teresa Hagape, was divine. I love that nothing was over the top and every corner just blossomed with romantic and rustic personal details. The place smelled of lavender and we even enjoyed cool and refreshing lavender tea. Mady’s dad also made some awesome red wine which we enjoyed all throughout the reception.

Mid-reception, it started to pour and all of the guests were forced to commune at the shed. It was a blessing in disguise because we all had the chance to come together and chitchat over some cheese and wine. How very French!

We were craving for some dancing since the rain prevented us from having the party of our lives and so as soon as we got back to Manila, we partied at Revel where my cousin and her husband pre-reserved exclusive seats for the entire crew. What a surprise because we bumped into my dear French friend Mimi whom everyone met previously at our wedding. We dozed off at 5am the next day and yet we were  still on time at the airport for our flight to Coron. It is always a nice feeling when you are part of something that is just overflowing with pure joy and love. We have all of our best wishes for the lovely couple!




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