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A few days after we’ve arrived from Budapest, we decided to take a vacation from our vacation. 🙂

No, we are not living the luxe life. We were really just taking advantage of the summer sun. Anyone who lives in a country with 4 seasons would understand. We thought it was best to stay at our favorite hotel up the hills of Feusisberg, Switzerland again: Panorama!

We’ve been here for our honeymoon last year but one can never really get enough of this kind of a majestic place–

Instead of taking the train to Chur like last year, I drove all the way up the mountains! It was a bit challenging for me because of all the zigzags. Good thing there are not too many cars in Switzerland.

We got to witness a wedding overlooking the magnificent view on our first day. The Swiss are very simple. In fact, the mother of the groom was just in her cigarette pants and nice blouse, not even a long gown! The only one wearing a grand dress was the bride. Who needs sparkly dresses when your wedding’s backdrop is already as amazing as this, right?!

The football teams of FC basel and Qatar were also booked there. The coach of FC Basel said hi to me coz we bumped into each other at our floor. Then we saw the rest of the guys at the champagne breakfast room the next day. My husband has a video of it. 😂 He told me Sommer, my goalie crush, was there only to find out that he left the team already! 🙄

I always thank the Lord for relaxing weekends like this one!




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