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After more than a year after I got married, I went back home to the Philippines.

I cannot even recount everything that happened during my almost one month break but here are the highlights:

  1. Hugging my family again


2. Checking all of the food that was on my list of what to eat when I get back home


3. My Anvaya trip with the “men in my life”






4. My first cousin’s despedida dinner and grand wedding

5. My 2 cultural and political posts going viral on Facebook (One is explaining my choice for the Presidency and the other is this one questioning why Filipinos lack self-discipline)



I might have gotten my education in the UK, married and lived in Switzerland but Philippines will always be my home. Despite the heat, the chaos, and the quirks, I will always love spending time in my motherland. And so we will come back in November for our friends’ wedding. Looking forward to spending more quality time with family and friends.




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