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This blog is about cool detours. I don’t post regularly here but whenever I hit a milestone in my life or experience a cool detour, I make sure I mark the moment by writing something here.

I haven’t been driving for a good four years now because 1) I didn’t have a car in London and 2)I don’t really need a car in Zurich.

But just recently, I took driving lessons again because apparently, when we go on road trips, I cannot expect my husband to drive all the way to our destination and back coz that would just be too tiring. And they say that once we have a child, I need to be able to drive him/her to school. 

I already know how to drive in the Philippines but over there, the only rule is “take it, take it!” Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in one place. In other words, I had to learn the proper rules of driving. I need to practice staying at the prescribed speed, look at the proper areas of the road while changing lanes and directions, filtering bikes and other cars, etc.

So the first day of my class with my Swiss-Greek instructor, there was some serious snow fall. God knows how scared I was behind the wheel. I was literally praying “Jesus, take the wheel!” 🙂 Well, I survived that and a few classes after, thank God!

My husband thought I was ready for a long drive so yesterday, he made me drive from Zürich, Switzerland to Singen, Germany. Yep, I drove from one country to another! That’s not as far as some would imagine though. The challenge was actually driving through the German autobahn where cars just have a field day because the speed limits are much faster than normal. 

We went to Singen to eat KFC and shop for food and utilities. I also drove all the way back. Achievement unlocked!

To unlocking a few more,




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