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The hardest decision I ever had to make in my entire life was to leave my parents behind after I got married.

I was too shy to include this clip in the original wedding film. But now, after 12 months of being away from family, I guess it’s quite fitting to relive the moment.

This short film that I edited features none other than the UGLIEST CRY you’ll ever witness in weddings. Our guests were laughing while we were reciting our vows. But when it was time to thank and honour our parents, apparently, there was not a dry eye left in the house.

I’m posting this in advance because my husband will be in transit from Manila to Zürich and I would like for him to have his own sentimental moment before he comes back home. Happy Anniversary, Babe.

Love and light, everyone! Cherish the time that you are together with friends and family.




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