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I woke up in the middle of the night before our wedding anniversary

and saw this at the living area:


My DHB, always with a surprise in mind, prepared for the special occasion a cake, rose, and 2 tickets to Tel Aviv!

He surely beat the pair of leather Navyboot shoes and wallet I bought for him to mark our first year as a legally married couple! I wanted to give him something that lasts and so I chose leather goods. But his gift, the gift of travel and experience, is waaaayyyyy better.

What is more awesome is that he chose a place where the third person in our relationship was born: ISRAEL!

In the plane, I got another surprise from the DHB. The flight attendant handed me a box of Swiss chocolate pralines with this funny letter:



Tel Aviv is a party place but we really did not go there to experience the night life. This time, we knew, we were going there to enrich our spirituality and spend quality time together.

We stayed at a hotel across the Mediterranean Sea. It was a stone throw away from Old Jaffa which we visited on our first night. Jaffa is the oldest part of Tel Aviv and its name is mentioned in the Bible 4 times. It is an ancient port city. Jaffa is famous for its association with the biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon, and Saint Peter.

On our first night, we took a cab up the Old Jaffa and discovered this precious restaurant that serves warm Chef’s Hummus dishes – Cassiopeia. The DHB chose eggplant hummus while I got lamb. We also ordered fish that was dipped in yummy fish roe! We were offered to try Israeli Coke and Beer. We even got free vodka shots after our meal because it was Hanukkah. That experience alone was already such a treat!

Another restaurant that we were able to go to while in Tel Aviv was Jessica’s. They had beautiful servers apart from the fact that their food was really good. 🙂 We both had fish and both of our meals were fantastic! Mine was sea bass dipped in pistachio and cream sauce while the DHB’s had something tomato-based.

While walking along the long jogging path of the port, we saw a number of stray cats. We also noticed the the people take care of really big dogs. Even late at night, we saw people still biking or jogging along the area. A number of people were also fishing in the cold. I guess life at Tel Aviv is pretty chill compared to similar big cities we have been to.

The taxi driver that we got to chat with when we arrived from the airport described Tel Aviv as a city that feels like its own country because of its remarkable liberated culture. People from different religions mesh in Tel Aviv. People respect one another. And they are pretty laid back with most folks starting their days late in the afternoon and ending it at party bars. Perhaps when we come back and we have more time, we will experience the bustling night life in Tel Aviv.

We bumped into A at the airport. He just arrived from New York. IMG_1035

The fine Swiss chocolates that we finished all throughout our stay in Israel.IMG_1060

A nice reminder etched on a paperweightIMG_1064

Front desk people at Hotel dela Mer.

Old Jaffa Church



Happy 2016!!!IMG_1076

This reminded me of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.IMG_1077

Old World feel.IMG_1082

My brooding handsome dateIMG_1089

I fell in love with this structure and the gold door.

My husband loves cats.


Spot the creepy mannequin.IMG_1112

This is so in right now.

Date night! 🙂IMG_1127

From the stairs.IMG_1131

Rustic wedding feels.IMG_1132

The glass welderIMG_1134

Fire pressuring glassIMG_1139Best place for Hummus!IMG_1143

Old Jaffa Square

Old Jaffa Fountain

Desert Camel!IMG_1157


Israel’s beer and version of a ColaIMG_1169

The best hummus I’ve ever tasted in my life!IMG_1172

The bill with treats!IMG_1174

The customer asked the bartender out but he was painfully rejected. True story.IMG_1177

Gossiping gwapito! 🙂

Up here! (I was wearing a leather jacket inside my coat)IMG_1183


She was a very sociable waitress.IMG_1187

Merry Christmas!IMG_1188 IMG_1193


We asked two Japanese tourists to take this shot for us.IMG_1201

Tel Aviv Skyline at nightIMG_1203

It was a good night to start our trip. Thank you, Babe, for bringing me here.IMG_1230

Hearts all over the world tonight!XJVT5388

Lifeguard’s turfIMG_1842

Spotted: couple making out by the Mediterranean seashore!IMG_1844

It was my first time to touch water from the Mediterranean Sea!IMG_1848

Secret spy lookIMG_1853

One fine day in Tel AvivIMG_1857

Who’s happy?IMG_1866



I heart you! 😉IMG_1880

Happy day! 🙂IMG_1892IMG_1900

Financial district. IMG_1902

Birds aplenty!IMG_1910

Like our wedding!IMG_1913

Look up!IMG_1916IMG_1920

Israel flagIMG_1925


Spot the error.IMG_1937

My drunkard.IMG_1938




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