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2015 is a year of firsts for the DHB and I.

We started the year with a beach wedding.

And now we are capping it off with quite a memorable first month-long Christmas celebration as a married couple.

On the 26th of November, 2015, we set-up our first ever Christmas tree as husband and wife. Our dear friends Andrew, Elinor, Mats, and Manuel helped us decorate it.

It was most especially significant for me as it was my first time to pick out a real pine tree!

As soon as we have agreed to put up a tree, I drove to the nearest Coop Bau + Hobby store with Andrew to choose a lush 1.5m pine tree. We stacked it up inside the car together with the Fondue Chinoise ingredients that we were planning to serve that night.

But even before buying a tree, I took a train to IKEA Spreitenbach to buy the decor. I wanted our first tree to not look like any other tree. I wanted the colors to be modern yet discreet. And so I chose subdued shades of silver, gold, and copper, with a hint of blue steel. This year’s theme: “Precious Metals”.

I also started a tradition this year. I created placement cards with our guests’ names and asked them to write their Christmas messages at the back. We hung the cards onto the tree. And vowed that every year, I will be collecting the same from all of our future Christmas dinner guests. It makes the tree all the more unique and special.

December is just a few days away. The DBF booked a ticket to somewhere he has no plans of revealing to me up until a few days before we leave. He’s sweet and thoughtful like that. Always full of surprises!

We’re spending Christmas here in Zürich for the first time. Perhaps drinking glühwein and eating lots and lots of raclette cheese/ fondue.

Have a Merry One,







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