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I’ve been to the English and French Rivieras and just last week, we went on a road trip to see a part of the Italian Riviera! The boys took turns in driving from Zurich to Cinque Terre, Italy.

The plan was to visit as many villages out of the 5 famous ones. We managed to go to 4. My favorite was Monterosso.

Corniglia was the most memorable though because C, my husband’s bestfriend, proposed to his girlfriend M while we were there!!! The boys did not let me in on the big secret but they apparently needed me to document the grand proposal for them. Good thing my camera is always recording!

C proposed to his girlfriend on top of a ledge overlooking the Mediterranean sea!

Here’s the video I made of their engagement:

It’s funny coz that morning, when I still had no idea of what was going to happen, I had this weird idea to record C and M while singing “A Whole New World” separately. Now, they are totally getting into a whole new world!

Cinque Terre is such an Instagram-worthy place! I couldn’t stop snapping away!

And the food…oh the food… Delicioso! I am still dreaming about the clam pasta we had at one of the best 3 restaurants I’ve ever dined at in my entire life: Ristorante Moresco in Levanto.

I made a video of the trip. Sharing with you some photos too.
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