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My husband has been bugging me to go to the river with him. Limmat river stretches all throughout the city and connects to the Zürichsee (lake). Just recently, he discovered a path from our place that leads directly to the Limmat. He found a spot near the river bend where we can set-up a mat and have a picnic.

I finally accepted his invitation the other day and I was sure glad I did! It was something I’ve never done before. I always go to the beach in the Philippines but I’ve never really gone swimming in a flowing river. 

It’s so cool to see all of these people on their rubber boats and some were even just hanging on to their waterproof backpacks. They were allowing the current to take them to the other end. It’s so nice to see how they amuse themselves while taking the cruise. Some have portable radio speakers, others have food and beer, and I even saw a guy with a water gun. 

This is why they say Zurich is one of the top 3 best cities to live in the world. Yes, the cost of living is very high but the people are also paid very well here and they get to enjoy nature at its finest. Things also actually do work here. There’s a river and it’s clean enough to swim in. Everything just works! People need not complain about the traffic, or the bus coming late (because it rarely does), or bumpy roads (Swiss Engineering!). They just need to worry about their personal lives because every service offered by the government is fast and efficient. My dream for the Philippines is to be as clean and efficient as Switzerland. Hopefully in my lifetime! 

Anyway, here are our snaps from that day. Hashtag No Filter!

Bis bald!




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