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Last weekend, we went on a double date road trip with the Chans. B & K are also newlyweds. K is also half-Swiss, half-Filipino like my husband is. B also had to migrate to Switzerland like me. 

We decided to go to Konstanz to shop and make a side trip to Singen for their KFC! 🙂

The first time I was in Konstanz was also on a double date with another newlywed couple. I, therefore, conclude that Konstanz is our go-to place for double dates. You have everything there: a walkable city center, a decent-sized mall, the lake, good food, and cheap shopping. And since we crossed the border, we can avail of tax rebates for our purchases.

The highlight of our trip was our degustation at Kentucky Fried Chicken. We were surprised to be given a container of gravy just like in the Philippines! Finger lickin’ good! Obviously, there’s no KFC in Zurich. We are fastfood-deprived over here. We only have McDonald’s and Burger King. No Pizza Hut, no Popeye’s, no Shake Shack. Oh well, it’s bad but it’s also a good thing because we get more of the healthier options. 🙂

We were just there for a day. On the first weekend of August, we are going with another couple to Cinque Terre in Italy! Can’t wait! Thank God for summer!





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