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The Swiss are really blessed people! The topography of their country is marvelous. There are mountains, lakes, and rivers all around. The government provides well for the people. Education is free. Mass Transportation Services are outstanding. Rules are followed and there is order in everything that they do. My favorite perk though is that Switzerland is right smack in the center of Italy, France, and Germany!  I’ve said this many times but what I love about Europe, and now living in Switzerland, is that I can just hop on a train and be at another country in less than an hour! That’s exactly what I did yesterday. I went to the Zürich bahnhof and bought 3 tickets to Singen, Germany at 10:45am. At 11:05, I was inside the cross-country train with B and C headed towards Germany. At 12nn, I was already having a pretzel with butter and chives at Singen. As the Swiss say: “Mega Cool!” Some people even have their meals at different countries in a day. Breakfast in Switzerland, Lunch in Germany, Dinner in Italy. I love it!!! And it’s not the feeling of luxe that I am really after. It’s really just that switch in dynamics, culture, food, and language that I enjoy so much. I like going to city centers and observing the people’s way of life. I reflect on how it’s the same and yet so different from all the towns I’ve been to. I like taking it all in and making mental notes of how else I can spend my day.  I thank God everyday for this opportunity to see the world in different perspectives. Some people just stay in one place and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you can find joy in the life that you have, that’s enough for me. But I always encourage my friends to get out some more. To explore this huge world that God has designed so beautifully. It doesn’t have to be grand vacations. It can just be a simple backpacking trip. It doesn’t even have to be from one country to another. Even just island-hopping in the Philippines can already broaden your perspective. Try even just once a year to go somewhere you haven’t been. Believe me, it’s worth more than that bag you are saving for or even that shiny jewelry you have been eyeing. Yesterday, I had two items on my to-do list: Visit Singen’s city center and shop for cheap items.  It was not even a grand vacation but I already got a feel of how the people in that town near the German-Swiss border operate. The people are warm, contrary to how some Germans are perceived. They enjoy their bratwurst sandwiches in the morning. They enjoy their coffee al fresco even if it’s a little bit gloomy outside. The town is starting to welcome the bigger international brands. Mango has just opened right across H&M. They have a number of “wastelands” or shopping stores with all of the basic thingamajigs for the home.   I didn’t have much time to create a long video but this 20-seconder is already a good teaser.                       Invest in experience. That’s something that will never depreciate. Love, dcw



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