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Before my wedding, I got in touch with my then soon-to-be father-in-law. I gave him a surprise overseas call from the Philippines to Brazil where he is now based. I introduced myself (he knows of me but we haven’t really spoken until that time). I asked if he could send a photo of himself and a letter for his son which I planned on giving on the day of our wedding.

From his first “Hallo!”, I immediately felt like he had the same cheerful vibe as my husband’s. After that call, he immediately referred to me over SMS as his “daughter-in-law” which made my heart melt.

He was not able to attend our wedding because he is already 72 years old. He thinks he is too old to endure a long haul flight. But my husband promised to visit him in Brazil right after our wedding. He wanted me to come but I opted for them to meet first. I didn’t want to rob them off that father and son bonding time by tagging along. They were, after all, going to meet again after 20 long years!!!

And so my husband flew to Palmas, Brazil to meet his “Papi”.

As soon as they met, my husband gave me a call. He sounded like a kid thrilled to have just met Santa Claus! He was so happy! I was actually teary-eyed for him!

My husband spent almost a week with his dad. And then he flew to Rio to see the Christ the Redeemer shrine. His bff Cy who’s a flight steward met-up with him in Rio.

When my husband returned to Zurich, he was a renewed man. We spent his first day back just talking about his grand time with his dad. He can’t stop raving about how his dad was a former-Formula 3 car racer and was friends with Formula 1’s Peter Sauber. (His dad actually won a Swiss Championship!) Together, we watched the video clips he took from his trip. And I promised to edit them and make a travel video for him.

This video is a story of men. There is nothing sad about it but while I was editing, I felt very emotional. My heart was overflowing with joy for my husband. I am so glad he made an effort to reconnect with his dad.

I can see that my future kid/s will have a cool großvater (grandfather) in Papi Kurt!

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