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From Helsingborg, we took the train to Malmö which is also a city of Sweden.

We had one agenda: to shop!

I love my new hometown Zürich but everything here is expensive! That’s why when I go out of Switzerland, I take advantage of the cheaper shopping alternatives. For perspective, one tube of MAC lipstick costs around 25USD in Zurich versus 16USD almost anywhere else in the world! 😂

I set aside half a day for shopping at the biggest mall in Scandinavia: The Emporia.

It’s a gold building just a walk from the Malmö train station. It has a U-shaped rooftop that makes the building look like it could be a setting of a sci-fi movie. 

For half a day, I bought trenchcoats, shoes, and other essentials. Of course, I spent the longest time in H&M because I was, after all, in Sweden!

We took a 30-minute underwater train ride from Malmö to Copenhagen. We capped the day eating churros at Nyhavn.




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