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As a kid, when asked what my favorte country is, I’d always answer Denmark even if I haven’t even been there. I figured it’s the one closest to my name. 🙂 “Denise will make a mark. Denmark!”

I once had a suitor whose name is Mark and he kept on saying that if we become a couple, we will own a country and rule the world: Den + Mark = Denmark! (Toinks!)
Well, I married a Mike. And we are now conquering the world, one country at a time! Close enough. 😉 He also spent for my recent “me-time” trip to Denmark and that’s even better! 😂

I specifically went to Copenhagen and stayed at my husband’s cousin’s place at Alholm. R&L, newlyweds, hosted me for a few days. L toured me around the usual spots. Her mother-in-law accompanied me to Field’s (mall) and this huge grocery store (Bilka) to buy stuff to bring home. R cooked for us.

My favorite place is the Walking Street where all the lifestyle stores are.

I saw the round tower, several castles, and parliament houses.

What’s nice about Copenhagen is that all the tourist spots are close to one another. You don’t even have to take the metro to go from one place to the next.

It’s also a very flat city. No hills or mountains at all! Buildings are also not very high which makes you see the entire glory of the sky especially at night.

The highlight of my trip is seeing The Little Mermaid. My favorite snack that I’ve tried in Copenhagen are the soft taquitos sold at 7-11. I also loved the churros dipped in milk with Oreos. The Danish pastries were also to die for!

I loved the fact that they are very eco-friendly and they planned their city well. Most of the Danish use bikes which they can park inside the trains. They recycle. They have blind trails all over the city. They get their electricity from biofuel. It’s no wonder Copenhagen is one of the world’s best cities to live in!




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