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The best wedding website in the Philippines featured our wedding!!!

I have been secretly dreaming of Bride and picking up our wedding because for me, that would be a nice remembrance and also a cool validation that we did a good job in planning our wedding details.

Sorry, we were already married in Switzerland so the Philippine wedding was more of a passion project for me.  I was really more into the details of it.

I did not have any coordinators while planning that wedding and I was kind of managing everything from Europe towards the last stretch. The added pressure made me really take full ownership of the “project” and I was determined to make it as well executed as possible.

I had 2 friends, D and V, whom I constantly consulted on Viber so I am sharing this milestone with them.

I’ve always enjoyed brainstorming sessions. I like coming up with ideas and shooting down those that are not aligned with the vision. I was in Advertising and Publishing after all. I was trained and paid to sift through ideas and implement the winning ones. Seeing what once were mere thoughts come to life gives me an inexplicable high. I have always reveled in the creative process.

I knew our photographer already uploaded our pictures on his site so when no feature came, I felt kinda sad. I have no shame in admitting that I was expecting one! Hahaha! Maybe this illustration explains how I really am with projects–

After celebrating 3 months of marriage,  I woke up one morning with people tagging me on Instagram pictures! To my delight, they were showing me the photos from our wedding that were posted on Bride and Breakfast’s Instagram page! My husband was the one who got a literal “rude awakening” coz I shook him beside me while he was so deep in sleep just to show the pictures! I was jumping up and down for joy! Achievement unlocked!!!

They liked our chosen rings! They also found the beach view amazing! They liked our intimate “almost kissing” black and white photo! Waaaah.

But what really made my heart happy was reading their blog caption!

Mike and Den’s wedding is pure class sprinkled with calm charm.” -Bride and Breakfast


And the title of the feature was “Caught up in the Classy”.

They got it! They got my concept! They got meeee!!! 

I have envisioned for us a beach wedding that is still very classy and elegant. Not too bohemian. I am chill but not too boho chill. I am also not hipster. I have always been the “classic with a twist” kind of girl. 

And so I chose really timeless elements like peach tones, Pronovias Spanish tulle gown, minimalist decor, etc. The location was also very calming to the senses. The ceremony was by the beach in an exclusive luxury resort and it was finished just before the sun went down so everyone saw the glorious sunset. 

“Gorgeous bridesmaids outfits, cute signage on the aisle, the most adorable invitation suite, and guest fans are just some details that are making us swoon. Now who wouldn’t have a good day after seeing this?”

It was a good day for us! And I hope that somehow, a bride-to-be out there gets inspired with the details of our wedding.

Thank you, Janna Simpao and the B and B team! Thank you for putting that yummy  cherry on top of our already delicious wedding experience! 







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