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We were having our Valentine’s dinner at Belvoir Park in Zurich when the DHB asked me to check my email. To my surprise, he sent me an advance booking for Lisbon, Portugal! It’s his surprise gift to me for our 2nd year anniversary as a couple!

April came and it was time for us to fly to Lisbon, Europe’s second-oldest capital after Athens. We flew via TAP Portugal, a part of the Star Alliance group of airlines.

We stayed at hotel Marques de Pombal, along their main street called Avenida Liberdade which reminded me of Champs Elysees in Paris. On our first day, we walked down the Avenida and it brought us to Restauradores and the old town Alfama where all the restaurants and shops are.

“The entire town is a huge shopping mall”, said the man who was behind me at the Front Desk when he heard me ask where the biggest shopping mall is located.

Lisbon means “safe harbour” and the entire city is enveloped by docking ports. Its design made it possible for the world’s greatest explorers like Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan to make Lisbon as a launch pad for their ambitious voyages. Once in Lisbon, you will see monuments, creatively tiled buildings, and Brazilian, Indian, and Asian influences in their surroundings and culture. This is because Lisbon is the first true world city and it colonised quite a number of countries.

Now we know why travellers flock Lisbon. It’s really a tourist-friendly city. There were all-access cards available for transportation. Their trams took us to the famous spots. There were available tuk-tuks with tour guides. The waiters speak English. It was quite easy to go around even if you are not part of a tour.

The DHB and I checked out all the spots that were recommended by his boss and the sites that we read prior to the trip. We walked what felt like a thousand miles because the shops were endless and the monuments were scattered all over the city.

We took home boxes of their famous custard tarts (yummyyyy!!!), a travel plate to add to my Papa’s collection, and a figurine to add to the DHB’s mementos.

Check-out our short video from the trip HERE:




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