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When 20+ of your friends fly halfway across the globe to witness your wedding, you make sure that they have a good time.

So after our beach wedding in Anvaya Cove, we flew to Boracay for yet another beach escapade with our friends! Yes, we spent our “honeymoon” with our friends from Zurich, LA, and San Francisco and it was the first best decision we ever made as an official husband and wife! We dropped our plan to go to Bali, Indonesia, to spend almost a week in good old Boracay, Philippines.


We rode ATVs up the mountain.


and watched the sun go down.



photo by @beautilitarian

We bargained for pearls to bring home.


 photo by @beautilitarian

We lounged at the beachfront, ate buttered corn and drank melon shakes.


photo by @beautilitarian

We got ourselves pampered with massages, braiding, and mani-pedi sessions.

photo by @beautilitarian

We ate breakfast and dinner buffets together. We went to the fish market and ate all the lobsters and scallops we could afford.


photo by @beautilitarian

We had a jacuzzi  party in our suite and then we barhopped at the clubs nearby.


Our Dutch friend got punched at the bar out of nowhere but for him, it was still one helluva fun “bring yourself to the hospital for some stitches” experience.

The highlight of this trip for me was when my husband rented a sail boat for the two of us to go to this secluded part of the island called Baling-hai. There, you may order food and they will drop it from the top of the mountain to where you are via a pulley.


The boat ride freaked me out a bit coz we had to sit on these extended “wings” made of net. I could feel water splashing on my feet and for someone who does not know how to swim, that could be an unsettling feeling. Oh but we survived and I had a great time!:) And that, for me, is what really matters most in life.

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