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12 January 2015. I don’t ever want to forget this day.

This post is for me to remember the day when I first felt fear for my life. I never feared death. I would always say that I am ready to go, any time. But that day, as I was walking down the aisle, I felt a surge of joy, excitement, and panic all at the same time. I thought to myself, “I am not alone anymore. I will officially have a husband to take care of. I will have someone to create a life with. I will have someone to depend on me the way that I will depend on him. I now have someone to live for. And we have an entire lifetime to build. New dreams to reach together.”

That day gave me a renewed reason and drive to live. It gave me something more meaningful to look forward to. I am not anymore just Dens who goes to work/school and spends the day aimlessly. I am now Dens with Mike who is living everyday with more meaning and purpose. I will now be defined not just of what I do for a living but to whom I am doing things for. I don’t want to ever forget this. I am living for my family. I am living for my soul’s counterpoint in another. I am living for the God who made all of this happen.

I don’t ever want to forget this day and the details that made it truly our own.

Dens with Details:

The DHB chose an engagement ring that doesn’t have protruded edges just how I need it to be. ([I’m now calling him DHB for Dear Husband. I’m retiring DBF on this blog. ;)]


Platinum wedding bands to last us a lifetime.


Because “Love Travels”– boarding pass and bag tag invites and a fan with the entourage list and a travel crossword to keep guests busy while waiting. Printed by Printsonalities. Our wedding logo was designed by Kay Aranzanso and Lai Geluz-Reyes.



This view. We chose Anvaya Cove for its magnificent view, good food, and excellent service. Members only = Privacy = Perfection!

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-17


Road signs! Spark Graphics printed these tarps and my Papa together with my Tito spent the entire day putting these up from Subic’s entrance toll gate to Anvaya Cove.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-2

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-9

I made these signs with the help of Mundo Builders and my cousin’s boyfriend Francis.
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-25

Beige shoes I can still wear after the wedding. I ended up trading these though for my Maid-of-Honor’s Ipanema slippers because I wanted to enjoy the party comfortably. 🙂 Best decision EVER.


These Melissa wedges were what I ended up wearing at the ceremony. They were my “something blue” because the wedges were blocks of blue jellies.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1822

The moment I bought this Atelier Pronovias Ocanto wedding gown, I felt such a huge relief. A-line, Spanish lace, mother of pearl flat sequins. Classic. Elegant. Timeless. I made it my own by having it altered into a sweetheart cut instead of the original straight bustier. It was a good decision to wear a tulle dress as the sand just seeped into the holes of the fabric. The lightness of this gown is also priceless. I chose Pronovias because it’s a label that has withstood the test of time and I know that it will still be there for the years to come. 




I totally got along with our florist Miss Jane Pineda of Details and Blooms. I enjoyed all of our meetings and she totally got my vision for my bouquet.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-907

Chic designer Rosalyn Lagdameo created my lace headpiece. It’s dainty, simple, and it goes well with my dress.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-328

I wore my mama’s earrings on my wedding day. They were a pair of South Sea pearls that are detachable from these diamond encrusted gold ribbon earrings. I like wearing pearls coz they brighten up my face.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-881

One of the first things that I knew for certain that the DHB liked about me was my scent. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle. Every woman must have a signature scent and this is mine. Reminds me that life is indeed beautiful!
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-271

From Miss D to Mrs. DCW. La Tercera created a peach robe with Chantilly lace and an embroidery of my new initials at the back.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-630

The DHB had 7 months to buy his wedding shoes but he procrastinated.  Just days before the wedding, we found ourselves running from one mall to another to find the perfect brown shoes for him. Oh and don’t get me started about the socks!
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1005

I bought these hangers for our entourage. I used permanent acrylic markers to write their names on it. Iloilo-based designer Sidney Eculla made the groom’s coat and it was shipped several times from Iloilo to Manila and back! I had it dry cleaned at Rockwell a week before the wedding. #fiancéeduties

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1108

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1544 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1548 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1551

Kathy and Kathy Bespoke made these white gold cuff links that bear our reversible initials DWM/MWD.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1100

Vatel Manila’s sister company {ETC Handmade Goodness} created the groomsmens’ bouttonnieres.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-78

Spark Graphics also gave us these huge wedding logos mounted on sintra boards.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1

Ate Gi bought these white umbrellas from Divisoria while I got the

wooden hamper from SM.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-12

The DHB and I have always believed that we are better together. 2 years of maintaining a long distance relationship makes you realize that.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-20

We used my London travel case (a gift from our couple friend on my surprise 30th birthday which the DHB prepared for me in London) for the pillows that the little boys will carry. {ETC Handmade Goodness} also made our pillows for the rings and the coins as well as the Bible band.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-244

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-256

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-262

Our cord came with my Pronovias gown.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-284

My cool garter with a flask was a gift from my Maid-of-Honor.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-303

More hangers with names for my lovely bridesmaids.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-254

I commissioned Aranáz to customize their grama bags for my bridesmaids. 
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-295

Botak Philippines customized the Pilipinas basketball jerseys of the groomsmen.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1194

Madeline of Izzo Shop collaborated with me for these give-away tote bags.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-55

Mundo Builders fabricated our sea foam green doors. These doors were actually from the house of one of the owners of SM! We passed this on to a couple who was going to get married in Baler.
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-25

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-14

Since we already got legally married in Switzerland, it was of course too late for the groom to run now! 🙂

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-307

He calls me his Babe-oh!

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-318

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-300

How pretty are our flower girls?! Their dresses were made by Bea Romero. Their eucalyptus headpieces were by Jane Pineda. The baskets were the same as our table centerpieces. I bought them from SM, too. I just asked Miss Jane to attach handles so the girls can carry them.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-338

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-344

 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-333

I love crisp white polos so I asked my bridesmaids to wear them during the preps. I was wearing one of my groom’s white polos.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1282

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1466

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1992

Some brides give their grooms Rolexes on their wedding day. I opted to give something more meaningful– a letter and pictures from his Dad who is in Brazil. He couldn’t make it coz he can’t travel anymore but the DHB will meet him in Brazil this year.
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-389

We asked our groomsmen to wear white polos, blue trousers, brown belts, and brown shoes. It’s amazing how the blues did not come in different shades! Everyone followed the visual peg which made my heart soooo happy! 🙂

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1479

This was my bridal carT.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-2219

My mama wore a dress by Sidney Eculla. How lovely is she?!

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-1976

I did my own makeup while Ren Bautista did my hair.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-2032

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-401

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - PREP-2154

Our Entourage. Dresses by Bea Romero. Hair and Makeup by Ferdie Santiago of Shu Uemura London, Benjie Angeles, and Ren Bautista.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1607

Our generous and groovy Godparents!MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1594

The sparklers were bought by my brother while the ribbons were lovingly made by my papa and yayas.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1485

Our cake was made by my grade school classmate and dear friend Claudine of Francine’s Sweet Treats. Our Bestman Cy brought boxes of Swiss chocolates which we scattered around the cake for the guests.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-83

I printed our travel photos and put it on each table. Succulents x peach and blue flowers were put inside the baskets I bought from SM. I was surprised to find out that my Mama distributed random chocolates on each table. She was so worried that the guests will go hungry while waiting for the buffet tables to open.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-13

I created all the table name cards.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-100

When the Australian brand Typo opened a wasteland here in the Philippines, I bought this cool light box. I knew I’d be able to use it for the wedding.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-16

We asked for marriage advice, date ideas, and recipes from our guests during the cocktails.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-18

Picturebooks printed our pre-nuptial pictures for our guestbooks.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-20

These hashtags were supposed to be for the photobooth for the guests to hold so I was surprised to see them hanging on stage when we entered the ballroom! Turned out nice though so I’m not complaining.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-96

We also had a video booth by Picparrazzi which turns the photos into bound flip books.

I bought a scratch map from Quirks Shangri-la for the seat plan.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-120

Teejay and Sandy of Sound Salad entertained our guests. We had a rocking full band!MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-143

Special song number from my super talented nephew Ren Bautista (yes, same person who did my hair!)MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-164

Bought the letters from Typo as well.MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-92

Thank God for talented friends! Ian Villamor flew in from LA to host our wedding together with former Extra co-host (yes, the US entertainment show!) Bianca Oros (who is now based in Zürich). MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-168

For our entrance, we danced to the tune of Crazy in Love, Bootylicious, and Time of My Life!

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-303 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-395 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-396

These folks delivered heartfelt and funny speeches! We love you, guys!

Our Bestman even prepared a video wherein the Pilipinas Gilas basketball players he met at a game in France greeted us.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-560

The DHB and I met through his sister Audrey so she definitely had something interesting to say! 🙂
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-677

My Papa channeled Liam Neeson in Taken that night. His speech was epic!MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-856

Andrew, our adopted son, had good words to say, too.
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-1133

Chris, our handsome godfather, is one of those people whom we really look up to. MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-1276

The DHB’s mom picked up Bible verses to guide us throughout our marriage.
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-662

My rockstar groom showcased his e-guitar playing skills and sang our theme song together with his band– John and Audrey on back-up vocals, Joseph on percussions, Rainier and Kurt on guitars, and Andrew on keyboards.

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-694

The Zurich Crew headed by my groom surprised me with a dance number!MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-801

Who would have thought that our first dance will be a surprise from the groom, too?! I’m a lucky wife!

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-710

My cousins and brother danced, too!

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-930

And our entire family danced to the tune of Happy which perfectly describes how we were all feeling as the night ended! 🙂
MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - RECE-1006

It was everything we ever dreamed of and more!

MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1789 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1799 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1749 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1741 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1732 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1721 MIKE + DENS Wedding Photos - CERE-1684

Until my next milestone,

Mrs. DCW



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