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I just got home from our family Christmas dinner and movie. I’m already in bed but I couldn’t sleep coz I’m still jetlagged from my long haul flight (Zurich-Manila) last night. My brain is still very much awake and it is making me reflect on my 2014. What a year filled with celebrations for me!

2014 accomplishments:

1) Earning my Masters of Business Administration degree from Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom. When I answer forms now, I do not anymore click on just College Graduate. I already have the right to tick that Postgraduate Education (higher education) box! It makes me feel more equipped! 🙂

2) I was able to travel to Cambodia, Monaco, and Greece for the first time. And I was able to come back to Switzerland (Zürich, Basel, Zermatt for our mini-honeymoon), Hong Kong, France (saw Nice, Cannes, and Provence), Italy (Genova), Singapore (stopover), Dubai (UAE stopover), and the Philippines.

3) I got engaged to the love of my life and bane of my existence! Ha!


4) And because I couldn’t work full-time anymore coz I am bound to migrate to Switzerland anyway, I decided to go freelance with my marketing career and established myself as a consultant. Got to launch campaigns and events for the companies I worked part-time for. It’s amazing how an idea that pops-up in my head comes to life with the help of my partner agencies and clients.



5) The DBF and I got married in Switzerland! I stayed there for a month to get my residence permit. Went back to the Philippines for the holidays and for the part2 of our wedding celebration. Yep, he loves me so much, he’s marrying me twice! LOL.



There were too many parties that filled my 2014–

1) Our engagement parties.
One in Zurich at Nelson’s Pub and
one in Manila at Privé.











2) Our pamamanhikan. The DBF’s family travelled to our hometown Cabiao, Nueva Ecija to formally ask for my hand in marriage. It was the first time our families met.



3) My bachelorette. The theme was Sex and the City. All 30++ of us partied at a suite in Y2 Hotel, Makati.











4) Our civil wedding lunch and dinner. The DBF’s mom cooked for our guests.






5) My 31st birthday party surprise arranged by my now forever date!







I will always remember this year as a game changer. But there will be less games and more real-life action as soon as this year closes!

I cannot be prancing around like a kid enjoying life anymore. I need to step-up to more adult challenges like building and managing a home. I need to be more fit to prepare for the inevitable big word: motherhood (just the thought of it makes me feel slightly faint!). I need to be less selfish and to also think of the guy who just made a huge mistake of marrying me! Ha!

2015 will be tough but you know what they say… my God is bigger than my fears! So I say, bring it on, Life, brrrring it on!

Happy New Year!!!

Onward forward,



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