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I had 7 months to prepare for our wedding. And I have been back and forth to Subic 6 times within that period.

We are getting married in Anvaya Cove and Nature Club, an exclusive resort and seaside community in Morong Bataan, 30 minutes away from Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

I have been meeting up with Glenn, their gracious Events Manager and a couple of Olongapo-based suppliers. I commissioned the florist, lights and sounds provider, and even our video team from there.

Since I have been back to Subic many times and I wanted the DBF to see the place once he got the chance to come home to the Philippines, we decided to have our pre-nuptial video shoot over there too. We commissioned Photogenics to shoot our video and asked our friend Jay Aguas to take candid behind-the-scenes photos.

We wanted the team to capture our real chemistry. We didn’t want the shots to look contrived so spontaneity was the name of the game. We would tease each other and fight in-between takes just like how we are in real life. We kept the makeup and styling to a minimum. I told the DBF to just bring what he fancied wearing. And I adjusted my outfits to whatever he brought. So practically everything we wore were clothes that we usually don to our dates.

One of my friends who saw the photos and videos told us that there was so much laughter going on and that our smiles were genuine and our faces glowing. I guess that’s what happens when you are already comfortable with one another. The DBF and I have been to a dozen countries together and we’ve taken a bajillion of travel photos and videos. We were already seasoned for this shoot. hahahaha!

What I love about Subic is that it’s very scenic. You need trees and lush bushes? You need a body of water? You need lots of sunshine? You need a yacht? A highway with a few if no cars at all? Everything we needed for the concept to materialise was already there. But of course, big thanks to Eca Padesterio of Photogenics for managing the details of the shoot. She borrowed the red beetle for us and the bikes, too. We are also thankful to Ren Bautista who was so attentive to our needs. He also did our hair and my makeup base. My silver dress was created by Bea Romero in just a short notice and I love its peek-a-boo details and its billowy skirt.

Sharing with you the official SAVE-THE-DATE Video as shot and edited by Pat and Gian of Photogenics.

They even created a longer version! 🙂

And these are a few of the photos that Jay took. 🙂

JHW_2201 JHW_2204 JHW_2245 JHW_2419 JHW_2492 JHW_2504 JHW_2526

JHW_1675 JHW_1684 JHW_1700 JHW_1749 JHW_1766 JHW_1813 JHW_1843 JHW_1861 JHW_1862 JHW_1890 JHW_1924 JHW_1946 JHW_1947 JHW_1975 JHW_1992 JHW_2000 JHW_2026 JHW_2040 JHW_2043 JHW_2053 JHW_2058 JHW_2063 JHW_2066 JHW_2119 JHW_2140 JHW_2155 JHW_2156 JHW_2164JHW_1579 JHW_1549 JHW_1429JHW_1328 JHW_1324 JHW_1290 JHW_1273 JHW_1362 JHW_1375 JHW_1332 JHW_1352 JHW_1513JHW_2871 JHW_2893 JHW_2802 JHW_2829 JHW_2723 JHW_2782



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