Happy 3rd Anniversary to!!! 🙂 

I’ve maintained this blog for 3 years now. I do not update it as often as I used to. And somewhere along the way, I decided to just update it whenever I get to travel or whenever my life has taken a significant “cool detour” worth writing about.

I’m keeping this blog for myself and for my future children. I write primarily to mark moments and process my experiences and emotions. I do not blog to brag nor do I write to appear like I’m an expert on something. I am just happy to throw my thoughts out there. I guess that’s really the essence of blogging — to have a log of all of your worthwhile moments and thoughts.

To mark another milestone, I’m gonna share with you how I got to choose my wedding gown. I’m not gonna show it yet but I will be posting photos of the “gowns that almost made it!” 🙂

*My official wedding gown is from Atelier Pronovias, Barcelona, Spain. I bought it from Mi Sueño Bridal Boutique owned by the pretty Pepper Periquet-Guanio.


Before Mi Sueño, I went to Rosa Clara to fit their gowns from the latest collection.

I immediately fell in love with this very simple sweetheart cut gown with matching a-line skirt. The only thing I did not like about this was the squirrel-like embellishment attached to the left hip. I sent this to my cousin and he felt like it was lacking the “me factor”. I guess he found it too simple. I think simple is elegant though. Oh well, to cut the long story short, I had to let go of this gown.


Also from Rosa Clara, this gown below made me consider something that has beadwork–

This picture, this moment, is very special for me and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Mama for taking time off her busy schedule to accompany me on my first bridal gown fitting. This moment will be forever etched in my heart. Thank you, Mama, for all your love and care for me. One day, I will be the one to take care of you with everything that I’ve got.


I had to sleep on it before deciding. I also had schedules with fashion designers within the same week I visited Rosa Clara. A few of them had already sent their sketches even before I decided to pick an RTW gown and I am soooo very grateful for the effort they all exerted in creating these designs. If only I have enough patience to wait for something custom-made, I would have gotten a Filipino fashion designer to create my gown. But my heart and EQ are both too weak to wait a long time so I decided to just buy off-the-rack. I will just have it adjusted to fit me like second skin a few days before the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I am still working with Filipino designers for our entourage, prenuptial shoots, and civil wedding.


When it was about time to pay the gown in full, I went back to Mi Sueño and the atmosphere in that room can really make you want to try on more dresses. With the bridal assistant E’s insistent prodding, I tried on 2 more dresses. The one on the left is pretty but I didn’t want my chest to be covered coz it will be hot at the beach. This particular cut will also shorten my neck. The gown on the right though almost made me change my mind about the gown that I ultimately chose. I liked it coz it emphasised my curves.

But I am really not  a froufrou-skirt-wearing bride. I have decided earlier on that I am done seeing bridal gown skirts that are fluffier than nimbus clouds. I wanted to wear a dress that will still be in style in the next years to come. I think the froufrou skirt will come and go. It lacks the timelessness feel that I was gunning for. I don’t want my photos to look dated just coz my dress is reminiscent of a certain era. I want a classic cut that looks and feels ethereal.


When I posted this on Facebook, my notifications wouldn’t stop beeping, I had to hide this photo again. Perhaps my friends thought that this was my official wedding gown. It’s from the same designer, Pronovias, but definitely not the same dress. I also got scared that the gown I chose will now pale in comparison to this gown. I just had to find comfort in the fact that I know in my heart that’s more me than this gown. Plus the lightweight feel of the gown I chose is priceless! 🙂


For brides-to-be out there, I really recommend trying ready-to-wear bridal gowns. They cut the creative process in half and they ultimately already give you a preview of how you are gonna look like on your wedding day. No surprises. I have heard of too many horror stories about wedding gown failures and booboos that I’m just glad I got this out of the way early in the planning stage. I was able to focus more on the other details of the wedding once I got “bridal gown” checked on my Wed Happy app!

More gowns and dresses in my future posts! 😉


Mrs. DCW-to-be! 🙂



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