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When I was a marketing manager for a retail company, we were about to launch a beauty line that was said to be manufactured in Provence, France. I thought to myself: that’s one place that I would like to visit! It seemed such a distant dream at that time. So when our friend C said that we were going to pass by the Provence region, to St. Paul de Vence (Vin) to be exact, I flashed a smile from ear to ear.

What greeted us when we got there was a charming hilltop with winding roads. Art boutiques and cafes were lined-up all the way to the top. There were vintage fountains and statues that were displayed on top of walls. Once we reached the top, the view of the mountains and the sea that welcomed us was truly breathtaking. The cobblestones looked like flowers and the walls were covered with vines. It was really such a pretty sight!



IMG_2792 IMG_2785 IMG_2779 IMG_2773 IMG_2756 IMG_2747 IMG_2734 IMG_2732 IMG_2730 IMG_2728 IMG_2719 IMG_2706 IMG_2703 IMG_2695 IMG_2672 IMG_2662 IMG_2659 IMG_2656 IMG_2653 IMG_2648



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