Have you heard of the Genovese Pasta?


So over the long weekend, we went on a road trip from Zurich to the town where this pasta sauce (and prosciutto!) was first made famous: Genova, Italy!

We stayed at Holiday Inn and the view from our window was a huge docking port.



We explored the alleys of Genova with rows and rows of quaint shops by foot. We had good ol’ gelato at MuraMura. We saw how they made caramel waffles from scratch. We took hundreds of selfies. We bought leather goods and trinkets. We made fun of each other’s antics. Played limbo rock using the GoPro stick. Went inside churches. Had fun inside the abandoned container van displayed at the huge park. It was a good stopover leading to our real destination: The Cote D’ Azur region in France.



IMG_2458 IMG_2285 IMG_2278 IMG_2267 IMG_2253 IMG_3377 IMG_3376 IMG_2517 IMG_2504 IMG_2490 IMG_2481 IMG_2480 IMG_2470 IMG_2460 IMG_2451 IMG_2440 IMG_2432 IMG_2430 IMG_2378 IMG_2373 IMG_2371 IMG_2367 IMG_2389 IMG_2316 IMG_2310 IMG_2305 IMG_2298 IMG_2297 IMG_2258 IMG_2250 IMG_2242



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