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Greece has always just been that uncrossed entry in my “places to see before I die list.” It was just too far and too expensive to go to that I’ve always just put it aside…for a honeymoon getaway or for when I’m older and well, richer. 🙂

That’s why when the DBF pulled-off another epic surprise and brought me to Greece, he kinda looked so much more handsome in my eyes! hahahaha! I believe he also raised the bar for boyfriends all over the world with his Athens extravaganza! He said even he couldn’t believe that we were just in Greece! Ha!

As usual, I made a video of the short but memorable trip to Athens.


If there’s one thing we’ll miss about Athens, it’s the FOOD!!! I think I will be dreaming of the lamb chops, yoghurt sauces, and Greek salad with cheese very often!

The city may have taken a blow when their economy took a downturn but their culinary expertise stayed very much on top! Graffiti can be seen in most of the walls and a lot of billboard spaces especially along the road from the airport to the city were empty. These were just some of the telltale signs that Athens really had a tough couple of years. But the culture was still very rich. The tourist sites like the Acropolis and the temple of Zeus can still make you go ooh and ahhhh.

The weather was kind to us that weekend. It wasn’t very chilly. I was just wearing a knitted top and the DBF was even in shorts and slippers. It drizzled for a bit though when we were about to leave.

p.s. We bumped into my friends at the Olympic Stadium! They are newlyweds D and M (same as our initials) and they are on a EuroTour for their honeymoon. What a small yet oh so beautiful world!!!

Here are photos from our trip–

image_3 image_2 IMG_1794 IMG_1796 image IMG_1325 IMG_1337 IMG_1390 IMG_1798 IMG_1417 IMG_1430 IMG_1435 IMG_1442 IMG_1453 IMG_1472 IMG_1469 IMG_1466 IMG_1459 IMG_1457 IMG_1545 IMG_1535 IMG_1523 IMG_1484 IMG_1476 IMG_1580 IMG_1579 IMG_1565 IMG_1555 IMG_1547 IMG_1619 IMG_1617 IMG_1605 IMG_1603 IMG_1601 IMG_1708 IMG_1658 IMG_1657 IMG_1622 IMG_1620 IMG_1786 IMG_1769 IMG_1755 IMG_1748 IMG_1743 IMG_1740 IMG_1731 IMG_1721 IMG_1718 IMG_1713




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