My base for the meantime is Manila, Philippines.

I’ve been accepting makeup gigs since I got back last January.

Just recently, I was on a beach work trip for Nivea Sun. Together with featured surfers Noelle Hilario, Nicola Sebastian, and Bea Vega, the production team By The Sea and Nivea’s digital agency headed to Zambales for a two-day video shoot.

I personally use Nivea Sun products when I go to the beach. I like Nivea coz it doesn’t feel greasy on skin. So I was so happy to find out that they’re getting me to apply sun-kissed and barely there makeup on the three girls.

The girls already have golden brown skin so all I really had to do was put on cream foundation on them and make sure that the makeup won’t wash away when they hit the beach. For a natural glow, I used cream blush and highlight on the points that bounce off sunlight.


Here’s the video we created. Featured in this clip are fine surf beaches in the Philippines: Capones Island, Camara Island, and Crystal Beach. All of these places can be found north of Manila–in Zambales. It was a 3 hour-drive from the city but definitely worth our while.


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