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We only had 3 days to go out of the country together. We chose Siem Reap because it’s near-by and small enough to tour in a short period.

We were like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones searching for lost treasures in the many temples of Siem Reap.

Seeing the Angkor Wat was the highlight of our trip.

Travel Tips:

1) Cambodia accepts USD as currency so no need to exchange your money to Riel.

2) Instead of renting a car to go temple-hopping, ride a tuktuk(18USD/day) and hire a personal tour guide(45USD/day) for the entire day. The car will just get stuck in traffic.

3) Look for The Angkor Pottery Center (along the street going to the Floating Village, on the right). You may take pottery lessons for 5USD/30mins. Go on your first day in Siem Reap so you can have at least a day to wait for your ceramic vases or beads to be “cooked” and painted on.

4) Pub Street Finds: Khmer barbecue, Fish or Chicken Amok (with herbs, coconut milk and Khmer curry paste) and cheap Silver trinket finds! Always haggle. They don’t have fixed prices. Practice your haggling skills when buying carved treasure boxes, souvenirs, and other silver finds.

5) Aside from the tuktuk, you may hire an ATV or what they call a quadbike for a ride outside of the city center.

6) Always ask for a hotel room upgrade and airport pick-up and transfer. There are so many hotels in Cambodia competing with one another . They would definitely want to leave a good impression on you for your next visit.

Here’s our fun video:

Snaps from the trip–

IMG_7748 IMG_7771 IMG_7773 IMG_7785 IMG_7791 IMG_7798 IMG_7814 IMG_7842 IMG_7844 IMG_7913 IMG_7926 IMG_7936 IMG_7955 IMG_7969 IMG_7971 IMG_7994 IMG_8013 DCIM100GOPRO IMG_8037 IMG_8053 IMG_8082 IMG_8085 IMG_8097 IMG_8107 IMG_8127 IMG_8129 IMG_8136 IMG_8044 IMG_8152



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