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I’m an imperfect human being and so to feel loved perfectly is such an overwhelming feeling. The past few weeks have been crazy beautiful for me. I have been on the receiving end of soooo much love from the people that I value most in life. Let this blog post be my way of thanking each and everyone who has made me feel like I’ve done something good in my life to make me deserve such thoughtfulness and attention.


I knew that the DBF won’t be able to fly to London on my 30th birthday because it falls on a weekday and he has work. He gave me my birthday gift in advance on the last day that I was in Zurich.

Ok… so… 4 days before my birthday, my flatmate G invited me to the Royal Opera House. He said we were going to this event of his friend and that I should dress-up well so I did. I even posted a picture of us on Facebook while waiting for his “friend”.


His “friend” turned out to be…The DBF!!! Yep, he surprised me the weekend before my birthday. I was on Atkins diet and wasn’t eating carbs for weeks so when I saw him enter the door of our flat, I literally felt weak in the knees!

My first question: “So we’re not really going to the Opera???”

LOL my thought bubble: what a bummer. hahaha kidding!

His reply: “No, babe, sorry. But we’re going on a date night!” So we went to this cozy Chinese restaurant near our place and talked about how he planned the surprise. As soon as we finished eating, he asked me if I wanted to have some drinks at the bar.


He led the way to Zebrano, a famous mixed bar in SOHO. We went to the Basement where hiphop music was playing and what greeted me was essentially the biggest surprise of my life! My friends… from random parts of the UK… from Luton to Peterborough… were all there with a fancy cake from Patisserie Valerie and a sparkling champagne bowl to greet me!


I think I was in shock for a few good minutes. I couldn’t believe how my boyfriend who lives in far Zurich managed to organize a surpise for me in busy London town! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined organizing such party myself! I can’t even pool all of those people together considering their conflicting schedules and random zip codes! I truly got myself a rare find.

936027_10152115476354493_324881504_n 1461033_10152115862414493_1630429356_n 1508021_10152115852164493_1453821840_n 1514574_10152119606169493_1521555102_n 1514940_10152119605954493_1327425650_n

Half-way through the party, I recognized two people coming down the stairs…it was B and C!!! Our friends from Zurich!!! They flew to London to surprise me as well!!! I screamed my lungs out as no words were coming out of my mouth! At that point, I was already in shock overload.

1462902_10152115477689493_1205651680_n 1474387_10152115475499493_2008661441_n

Turning thirty wasn’t so bad after all.



The Monday after that epic weekend was quite special as well. My baby cousin B, a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines, arrived in London and spent 3 whole days with me! She’s the first family member to visit me in London! I was beyond excited! I toured her and her friend around.


IMG_6106 v e f g i p t u

We even have a video of our bonding moments:


Christmas Eve was spent with friends from London, Brussels, and Zurich. We ate at Acqua, a Japanese restaurant along Oxford Street.


Our friends from Luton adopted us on Christmas day. We happened to be mostly couples so I had this funny idea of creating a super cheesy Christmas video. Watch at your own risk:

We also had a quick photoshoot as it was freezing outside. 🙂

1554412_10152154908629493_822141366_n 1538697_10152154908309493_1530150421_n 1557494_10152154907824493_688753835_n 1459066_10152154907789493_2034463033_n 1546198_10152154909069493_1558197831_n 1528711_10152154908974493_610215333_n 995266_10152154908939493_773325814_n 1515050_10152154908729493_826777880_n 1557497_10152154908704493_1544244766_n


I met the DBF on January 1, 2013. We promised to be together on New Year’s Eve to welcome another year. So we welcomed 2014 at our flat’s rooftop in SOHO. The fireworks from the London Eye can be seen from where we were. We brought a bottle of Möet which we shared with two more friends. We ended-up partying at two bars around the area.








It was an eventful December 2013 for me. Everything passed-by so quickly. I am now back in the Philippines, my home country. I have successfully passed my MBA. I am now back to where I started. I am thrilled and scared at the same time.

Thank you for following my story. Cheers to an even more packed new year!



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