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“Let’s go to Scotland before they breakaway from the UK.”


This was the exchange I had with my friend C a few weeks ago.

Then I found myself chatting over dinner with my flatmate G who’s a flight attendant at Virgin Atlantic. I told him that I was thinking of visiting Scotland before going back to the Philippines for good. He said, “Ok, I’ll go with you.”

We checked our schedules and then he smiled and asked, “How about tomorrow?” “We can take the first Virgin flight out then the last one back in.”

Without batting an eyelash, I called my friend C to confirm her schedule and it was set. Early the next day, we were on a Virgin Atlantic flight headed to the land of scotch whisky, skirt-wearing men, and Braveheart.

Here were our goals for the day which we were proud to have accomplished:

1) Take a picture at the Edinburgh castle



2) Ask the men in kilts if they wear underpants. ( They do but only when it’s cold. haha)

z10 z4 IMG_4555


3) Check-out where Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster, lives (Somewhere out there!)


4) Visit the Christmas market by the Scott monument

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5) Have fun, make a travel video, and make the most out of the day in the Scottish Highlands!


This seals the deal for 2013. I’m ready to come back home enriched with all of the lessons I’ve learned in my travels. I will never forget to live a life of gratitude and lift everything up in Jesus’ name! Now it’s time to come home, work hard, and save again.




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