I spent almost the entire month of November in Zurich! How I managed to eat in a country where the average meal costs as much as 3 meals in already expensive London is also a mystery to me. Oh yeah, the DBF sponsored the groceries! Saved me from a month of starvation. haha!

This time, the highlight of my trip was not some magical lake, cable car ride, or mystical glacier. It was actually visiting one of the best places to work in the world–GOOGLE!

The DBF’s housemate, A, is a Googler. He invited me to visit their HQ. One bummer though: I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside. I had to sign an agreement of non-disclosure. So I will just be sharing the photos I took outside the office.

I think all Googlers have high EQs aside from having really high IQs. Imagine working in a place where there is a wine cellar, liquor bars, rooms for sleeping and relaxation, arcade games, 24/7 free food, all-you-can-eat and free-for-all cafés! How can they possibly find time to work when they are surrounded by all of these awesome “perks”? All Googlers must have been subjected to the marshmallow test and passed with flying colors before they got accepted!

By the way, this is A wearing his Google Glass and holding the pancakes he cooked for breakfast. 🙂

IMG_3577 IMG_3386 IMG_3380

There was a mommy-kiddie tour! How cute that the kiddos in bubble jackets and beanies held tightly/were tied-up (?) to the line rope. IMG_3388 IMG_3381 IMG_3366


Another trip highlight was partying with friends at a Halloween house party. I came in as a fashion victim hip hop girl coz the theme was to wear something mismatched or ugly. I ransacked the DBF’s closet and borrowed his cap, shades, jacket, and jogging pants. I “excessorized” with a lot of bling, of course!

IMG_3024 IMG_3087 IMG_3158


I think I went to Ikea thrice to 1)eat Swedish meatballs, 2) buy throw pillow cases 3) buy more bedsheets. I was a “domesticated-goddess-in-training” so I had to manage the household while the “bosses” were away.

The DBF inherited these floral cases. They’re pretty but not befitting a bachelor’s pad. I changed the cases into more quirky ones that complemented the green stripes of the couch.


I am so helpless in the kitchen. It’s always hit or miss when I cook. Good thing I have friends and the DBF who patiently teach me their tried and tested techniques and recipes.

My friend C adopted me for a night to teach me how to cook her pasta dish. When it was time for me to do it by myself, I tweaked it a bit to taste a bit like frutti di mare. The DBF and A gave me a high score for it, for once!

IMG_3133 IMG_3129 IMG_3127

Here’s my version–


On days when the DBF gets tired of eating mediocre-tasting food (a.k.a. my cooking!), he begs for a “Date Night”. Date Night means we either go out for dinner and watch a movie or buy dinner somewhere and watch a movie at home. Either way, that means we’re eating something yummy so I’m happy! hahaha (that also means no dishes to clean afterwards!)

IMG_2462 IMG_2506 IMG_3295

This is my favorite meal in Zürich– Korean Beef noodles at Yumi Hana! I can eat this everyday.IMG_3293

There was a week when I was down with the flu. The DBF volunteered to cook hot Filipino dishes to make me feel better. He asked the recipe for “nilagang baka/beef” and “tinolang manok/chicken” from his mom. He nailed both dishes! Thank God for boyfriends who know how to cook well!!!

IMG_3347 IMG_3323

Date nights would also sometimes include his friends…IMG_3472

and his family… This time his mom treated us to cheese fondue!

One of the best date nights was when we visited the Christmas Market. We had raclettes, flammküchen, and glühwein. I definitely felt the Christmas spirit!

I’m going to miss Zürich ;(


Switzerland, it’s been fun hanging around. ‘Til we meet again,




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