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Zurich, Switzerland has become my second home in Europe.

Sharing some photos I took while going through the daily grind in one of the world’s top 3 best cities to live in.

1) This is how the ticket booth for buses and trams looks like. A trip to the city may cost about 8 CHF depending on where you’re coming from. The transportation system in Zurich is quite orderly. You may buy a ticket that covers particular zones and you may choose your mode of transportation within those zones. This means that with the same ticket, you may opt to ride the bus, tram, train, or even the ferry!


2) The Zurich Hauptbahnhof is the centre of all things in the city. Inter-province and inter-country trains leave from this station. The main shopping malls are also located around this area. My favorite thing to do while at the HB is sit at the Starbucks across it and go people and tram-watching.IMG_0683

3) The Swiss flag for me is a stamp of good quality. I love seeing it in street corners and establishments.IMG_0686

4) Yumi Hana- they serve the best Korean beef noodle soup and I always go here for my first meal in the city. Order food #1 and you won’t regret it! IMG_0687

5) Du Pont is a restaurant-cum-bar that has this industrial Hollywood feel inside. IMG_0689

6) What would I do without this girl? Starbucks in Zurich has free wi-fi. Such a blessing for travellers like me considering how much international roaming and internet in Switzerland cost!IMG_0691

7) This is the way that leads to the DBF’s office. Lindt chocolates are sold everywhere! It’s so hard to resist the temptation.IMG_0740

8) Zurichsee or Lake Zurich is so relaxing to look at.IMG_0701

9) I think every European country now has a bridge dedicated for love locks.

10) Migros is my go-to-place for grocery stuff. This is where I bother everyone for English to German translations since I don’t have 3g on my phone when I’m in Zurich. Must learn German fast!!!IMG_0709

11) The Smart Car is ideal for parallel parking spaces in Europe.IMG_075612)  If London has the red Royal Mail, Zurich has the yellow Die Post.

13) The Central station is usually my final stop.IMG_0749 IMG_0752

14) German language has the longest words!IMG_0770

15) I fly Swiss for the Miles & More!IMG_0773



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