My blog turns 1 year old today! 🙂

So I’m posting another travel entry.

One fine Saturday, the DBF and I drove to Alsace, France with newlyweds J and Y.

We explored a quaint town called Colmar. The people there speak French, German, and English. It’s said to be one of the first few towns occupied by the Germans and the last to be liberated.

I have these realisations during the trip:

1) I want my future kids to learn at least 2 more foreign languages.

2) It’s possible to learn French (my favourite language) and German (the language I NEED to study) at the same time.

3) I am so lucky to be with someone who goes out of his way to show me the world.

4) I will miss Europe so bad.

Enjoy the pictures and the video! 🙂

20130930-091105.jpg 20130930-091136.jpg 20130930-091210.jpg IMG_0606 IMG_0625 IMG_0477 IMG_0470 IMG_0453 IMG_0474 IMG_0530 IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0610 IMG_0515 IMG_0540 IMG_0513 IMG_0502IMG_0593 IMG_0496 IMG_0615 IMG_0602 IMG_0519 IMG_0491 IMG_0488 IMG_0416

Untitled3 IMG_0582

IMG_0480 IMG_0492



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