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My cousin V is a doctor in Australia. When I was there last year, she and her sister L toured me around Melbourne. At that time, she had just purchased her condo unit right smack in the middle of the city! What more can a single and highly-successful woman ask for?! Hmm…a boyfriend, perhaps?! Hahahaha! Nah, I’d say… more time to travel the world! And that’s exactly what V did this month. She took on a vacation from her practice to go around the US and Europe.

From New York, she went to Rome and Paris. Then she hopped on the Eurostar that brought her to London!

After picking her up at King’s Cross Station, we headed to her hotel then out for dinner at Covent Garden. Destination: Shake Shack! I know, she should have tried the one in New York but, as usual, the line was impossible so she decided to skip it.


We spent the night chit-chatting about the most trivial (showbiz gossip) to the most profound (keeping the faith and finding the one). We talked about what it takes to being busy women and how the love aspect seems to always take a step back when one is at the height of her career. We pondered upon self-enrichment and shouting to the universe our heart’s desires.

The next day, we met-up at a quiet Covent and saw pretty things like:

1) This Chanel bus. I’m not so much into luxury brands but I really find Chanel chic.



2) Penhaligon’s ballet shoes-filled window


Then we rode the hop-on, hop-off bus which brought us to London’s iconic places.

1)This is where the palace guards parade every morning.



2) The Buckingham palace gatesIMG_9640


3) An interesting view of the Big Ben — from Gru’s perspective! Hahahaha! That’s Winston Churchill’s back, by the way.IMG_9775


4) My favorite spot to take a photo of the Big Ben from (cross the street from the garden where the Nelson Mandela statue is located). This phonebooth is near the Westminster Underground station.IMG_9713


5) Taken from the bridge where you can see the Big Ben and the London eye at the other endIMG_9676



6) Dra. V. showing her dimple and smiling prettily for the camera. 🙂IMG_9653


7) Call me maybe?IMG_9667


8) We passed by J.K. Rowling’s £62 Million apartment. I wonder if she’s inside writing the 8th installment of the Potter series?!IMG_9634


9) We capped the night by watching The Lion King at the Lyceum Theater. I’m so lucky to have such a generous cousin! Thanks, Ats, for the treat! The production value of this play is amazing!IMG_9708



10) My friend C a.k.a. Miss Earth (coz she once joined the Miss Earth Beauty pageant) accompanied my cousin the next day as I was out of town. We met-up for dinner and ate at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant. Another treat from the generous and gorgeous Dra. V!IMG_9765



It was sad to bid farewell to my cousin. But we promised to see each other again soon! IMG_9631

Cheers to finding one’s bliss,





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