The only advantage of growing-up as a tomboy is being able to enjoy playing basketball with your boyfriend. That and probably being able to relate when he talks about video games, shoes, and NBA highlights.

Forgive me for uploading a series of cheezy posts lately. It’s just that my life right now pretty much revolves around school and travelling with the DBF. And this blog is mostly about sharing my travel experiences. So bear with the cheese for now. I promise to post more fun times with my girlfriends soon! 😉

When I’m in Zurich, the DBF and I try to spend time with friends and family too! Grill parties and post-game dinners are always in the line-up.

I’ve always just maintained a small circle of close friends in Manila. Living in Europe has made me realize that it’s possible to maintain bigger circles and meet-up with them every so often.



It’s amazing how Europeans find time to entertain guests and do everything by themselves. No cooks and househelpers to assist them in preparing and cleaning-up. There’s a sense of kindness and a whole lot of effort and love that go into putting-up even just a dinner of four. I am inspired by these people who open-up their homes and squeeze in dinners and parties in between their busy schedules.

I am also inspired by their sense of community. Most of these people are Christians who have small groups every week. It’s a gathering of a handful of Church friends who have dinner and then talk about the Bible and their weekly life experiences. That kind of spiritual support system is amazing because every week, you get to be reminded that there are people cheering you on as you go through your life struggles and triumphs. It keeps you in check. The sharing gives you some sense of perspective. It shows you what it really means to be a Church.

I’m happy that I’m surrounded with God-fearing individuals. That’s way better than spending time with people who fear noone. Meeting these people have changed my life so much and it has made me forge a closer relationship with my God and Jesus. See, this is turning out to be not a shallow cheezy post after all! 😉

I attended Hillsong London yesterday and Allan, a Filipino, shared his testimony and received a standing ovation from the audience. He shared about how he so wanted to get noticed by his big family. But then he realised that his focus should rather be on how to get more people notice Jesus instead. And now, he doesn’t anymore question his place in a family of 45 cousins because he is already secured in his place in Christ.

What an amazing change in perspective!


Perspective. I’ve always liked this word. As an artist, I like seeing things from different angles. You’ll be surprised at how a drawing can change if you just adjust your perspective or where you view an image from.

It’s like changing your perspective in life. When you’re so used to seeing things the same way, you limit yourself from growing. You’re like a horse with blinders. Your mind is just trekking one path. Once you allow yourself to see things from a different angle, once you try to listen to how others see the same world you’re living in, your possibilities become limitless. You become richer inside.

It’s sort of what going out to travel and taking cool detours give you: an opportunity for a change in perspective.

I pray that I will never lose the openness to try new things and allow the best of my experiences to mold my being.




Leaving you with a link to a short video of the DBF giving me the sweetest surprise EVER aboard a ferry crusing along the Zurichsee! It’s all a matter of perspective! 😉

Click HERE.




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