I live 5 minutes away from The British Museum. I have been wanting to pay a visit but since it is so near, I keep on putting it off.

Good thing my friend Czarina dragged me to finally go the other day. The entrance was free and we felt like we got to see the world in just a matter of two hours. The British Museum featured artifacts from all continents of the world. I will share with you some of the things we saw.

1. To each his own. Egyptian, African, Asian, and European gods and statues.20130902-094730.jpg

2. The Rosetta Stone! I can’t believe I saw this in my lifetime! This is the slab that remained of the original rectangular Rosetta Stone. It has writings in Greek and Egyptian, using three scripts: hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek. 20130902-094738.jpg

3. Mummies! I kept on wondering, if you were the person who got mummified, would you want your corpse to be displayed years after your death for everyone to see? Mummification usually involves a removal of the brain and internal organs. They say that Egyptians didn’t know what the brain was for so they thought it was a waste of space. So they take it out in the mummification process. They leave the heart to dry out together with the body though. 20130902-094753.jpg

4. The Parthenon. It felt like a visit to Greece. A huge part of the museum was dedicated to marble structures from the Greek and Roman empires. By the way, Greece is now at the top of my “Places to see before I die” list. 20130902-094805.jpg

5. The Centaur and Lapith. This reminds me of my zodiac sign, Sagittarius. I find it interesting when old statues depict a half-man, half-horse being. I wonder if such really existed in our lifetime. 20130902-094814.jpg

6. The leaf crown made of gold and other gold artifacts. This looks so…current. 🙂 20130902-094827.jpg


7. Venus (Aphrodite), the goddess of beauty. This structure depicts a naked Aphrodite crouching at her bath as if surprised by her audience. This is such an important piece of art because for years, Hellenistic sculptors only created and displayed naked statues of men. This signified the social uprising of women.




Notice my shy classmates behind me in this photo–20130902-094936.jpg

I am now bent on visiting the other free London museums. This is better than staying at home and nosing around other people’s business on Facebook!




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