It was 6 months ago when I first saw the Eiffel Tower. I remember making a video raving about the experience but at the same time ranting about my single status. Paris, after all, is the city of lights and love. How can you explore it alone and loveless?

But life has a funny way of turning things around. I found myself coming back and attaching love locks at the Pont des Arts bridge but this time, with a significant other. What a dream come true!

Quite honestly, it was a trip I had to take only so I can renew my Schengen visa. I had no plans of dating in Paris. But the dear boyfriend (DBF) unselfishly agreed to spend time (and money!) to accompany me. I’m a happy lucky girl! 🙂

My first 3 posts about Paris back in December pretty much toured you around. So this entry will just be a photo collage of the random things I got to see during this weekend getaway. I created an amateur video too using my iPhone. How I wish I can have a new handy video camera so I can create more awesome travel videos!

1. We saw this fashionable girl posing at the Champs Elysees. Her dress is so chic, she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn!


2. While walking towards the Pont des Arts, we came across this newlywed couple! How romantic is it to get married in Paris!?

3. Talk about romance. Even the cars are kissing each other! Ha! IMG_7894

4. I love that even in small alleys, you will find big chic adverts of beauty and fashion brands. This Dior Addict ad is haunting.IMG_7826

5. What a girl wants: The Eiffel and that Tiffany blue box!IMG_7946

6. What’s behind the Louvre? This small fountain and lots of people just chilling by.IMG_7929

7. The French also have a hop-on,hop-off bus! This was near the La Fayette area where shopping is the main activity.IMG_7904

8. What’s behind the Eiffel Tower? This statue. It reminds me of the one in front of the Palace of Versailles.IMG_7834

9. I went to Paris and my first meal of the day was Lebanese food courtesy of my half-French, half-Lebanese friend Amelie. IMG_7759

10. Here she is… my beautiful sister from a different mother! It’s crazy how we bonded. She used to be just our intern in the office. But we became good friends and vowed to see each other in Europe. We’ve seen each other twice already since we parted ways in Manila. Life is good!IMG_7750

11. Life is even better when you are surrounded with kind and generous relatives. This couple hosted us for the weekend. They have been residing in Paris for years and they speak the language fluently already. Thanks, Tita D. and Tito L. for the hospitality!IMG_7805

12. Miley the dog is befriending Amelie.IMG_7783

13. We took a bajillion of cheesy photos so I decided to compile a few with the iconic backgrounds.IMG_8005

14. This is the first time I’m seeing the Eiffel from this perspective.IMG_7992

15. This winning shot was taken by a random tourist. She probably saw us struggle while taking our “selfies” that she offered to take a few shots for us.IMG_7896

16. Are my teeth yellow?! True love is having that confidence to ask such embarrassing questions to your partner. 🙂IMG_8072

17. We might have discovered on this trip that our teamwork needs improvement. Must practice posing for perspective shots! #fail IMG_8058

18. DBF insisted on taking a “follow me” photo. This turned out to be nice. 🙂


19. I will never get tired of Paris. ’til we meet again!





20. The video–

Au revoir,



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