I’ve been living in a suitcase and transferring houses here in London for the past 9 months. I can’t believe it has been more than half a year since I arrived here!!!

Today, I’ve finally settled in my friend’s room which I will occupy for the next 3 months.

Sharing with you how I organized my closet with the hangers I found inside the cabinet.

In Manila, all of my hangers are white. No wired and dangerous hangers for me. But since I have to make do with whatever I found, I only arranged the hangers from the colorful to the plain black ones to make it appear more pleasant to the eyes.

Jackets occupy the widest space in my closet because, well, I live in cold and breezy London.


Packing cubes are God’s gifts to travellers like me! I love these cubes bought from Muji (along Oxford Street) because they are sleek, simple, and of good quality.

I like how I can just grab these cubes and dump ’em in the suitcase whenever I go on spontaneous trips.

All shorts in one cube. All basic tees in another. So on and so forth.


The huge black duffel bag (extreme right on above photo) is also from Muji. I fold it and use it as my extra carry-on bag whenever I travel. I love that it can pass as a carry-on but it’s also durable enough to submit as a check-in luggage.

My housemate who’s a steward at Virgin Atlantic introduced me to these zip-loc-like clear plastic pouches from Muji. They don’t have zippers as locks so they are accepted as containers for liquids (not exceeding 100mL) and other toiletries in all airports. All of my makeup, toiletries, accessories and other valuables are in each pouch.


When your schedule is as erratic as mine or when you are living in uncertainty, you need to give some sense of order in your space. Or you’ll be more stressed than you’re supposed to be! 🙂

I have a lot of backlog travel posts! Germany and Liechtenstein trips up next! Stay tuned.





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