Resilience, the ability to quickly recover from change or misfortune, is my favorite word in the dictionary.

Resilience is a word I draw strength from everytime I get stuck in a rut or experience a major setback in life.

Thank God for giving me such a resilient heart that I am able to resurface better and stronger every time I “fall”.

My life hasn’t been all easy breezy. I must say I’ve encountered a number of really tough times that I wouldn’t even wish for my worst enemy to experience.

There was even a time when I had to “hibernate” and process things all in isolation.

During that time, I got this unexpected sweet email from an aunt whom I wasn’t even that close with.


Her email helped me realize that there are people out there who are loving me from afar. There are people who are unselfishly looking after my welfare.

It’s amazing how God sends people who help us pick up the pieces and remember that despite the challenges, we are still very blessed.

I am writing this because I’ve already come to a point in my life when my past is making amends with my present and that I am ready to take on the future feeling refreshed and without a tinge of bitterness.

They say, someday, God will send you someone who will make you forget that your heart was ever broken.

And just recently, I’d like to believe, He did just that in my life.

I have heard a lot of clichés about love. That it comes when you least expect it. That it is that warm fuzzy feeling that makes your heart skip a beat and make butterflies flutter in your stomach. That it is not gonna be easy but worth it in the end. That it is kind and patient, not envious, jealous or proud. That it always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres.

All of these things could be true but what I have been praying for is the kind of love that no matter how fleeting it feels is responsible as well. I have been praying for a love that I can be happy to share with my family and friends because it is real and honest.

My high school science teacher I think gave the best definition of love. He said, “love is when it goes beyond the physical” and now that I am older, I find myself yearning for that kind of love too. The kind that looks past appearances, bridges distance, and accepts differences.

I have also been praying for a love that puts God at the center. I have always wanted a partner I can openly pray with. Someone I can talk to about anything without fear of not being accepted. I have always wanted somebody I can laugh with ’til our bellies hurt. I want someone who loves and protects his family because I want him to be able to extend the same care to my parents and brother. I want someone who can hold his ground but still say sorry when he knows he’s wrong. I did not pray for someone perfect. Just somebody who can recognize his faults and work on getting better each time.

This post is not about travelling. This post is about the biggest and coolest detour I have encountered so far.

This post is about having a resilient heart and a hopeful spirit. This is about making way for life’s pleasant surprises. This is about sharing the happiness to the people who matter.

This post is meant to inspire, not boast. This is written to mark the moment.

Nothing is certain in life but change. And although in love there are no guarantees, I know in my heart that whatever comes out of this, I would have no regrets. That in the end, I would still emerge a winner just cause I have allowed my resilient heart to love and be loved once again.


[LUCERNE 2013]








Wishing you the same happiness wherever you are in the world,



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