Is your tube well-squeezed?

As usual, I’m here at the London King’s Cross Station, waiting for the train to Peterborough. I’m at my favorite place to thaw and drink coffee, Leon. In my lonesome, I’m reflecting about what happened in the past 3 weeks of my life. A LOT! Beaucoup!

Christmas in France, New Year’s Eve in London. Meeting new friends, sharing time, and simply loving life.

As I sit here alone, I feel my tired feet and the aching sinews of my body and I find myself asking, is this all worth it? Is all the travelling and mingling worth anything? What do I get out of it? What do I earn from it?

And then I saw this link on my NewsFeed. My friend Terri posted a video of a professor I look up to, Mr. Pagsi. I was so inspired by what he said on the video that I decided to share it on my Facebook page:


I was reminded of why I wanted to study and travel in the first place– to enrich my life so that I would never ever lose my passion for it.

In my travels, I have come across men and women from varying backgrounds, conflicting religions, and differing attitudes but somehow, they find a way of adapting and maintaining peace. This means that the yearning for peace and harmony is within each and everyone of us, no matter what race, color, or faith. It gives me hope. It makes me trust in the intrinsic goodness of people.

And just like Mr. Pagsi, I pray that I would never stop. I pray that I would never feel the need to stop sharing and learning, giving and receiving, imparting and adapting. I pray that just like a tube of toothpaste, may I squeeze out all the creativity and love I could give with a passion. I pray that God will continue to make me an instrument of inspiring others to explore their world and give back to their society.

To see Mr. Pagsi’s message about life: click HERE.

Here’s the transcript:

“Perhaps life is like that—In the beginning you think you have a lot of time in your hands. But towards the end, you find out, there’s still so much you want to do that you have not done, so much love you want to share which you have not shared, so much of your self that you want to share with others that you have not shared. And so much more that you want to learn that you have not learned. And therefore, really, there’s so much to learn in life—

So please I hope that all of you are happy. I wish you have a very happy new year. With me, I’m raring to go… Raring to go back in February, to go back and teach. I’m 85 years old. And I’m not tired of teaching. I hope wherever you are, you are very happy doing what you’re doing. Because the sense of passion is so very important. The sense of joy that should be there in life. OK, happy new year, my friends.”

To a life well-squeezed,




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