I used to get excited about birthdays. But now I kinda freak-out about the thought of turning a year older. I want to be young forever!

Spent my 2nd to the last night of being 28 roaming around London with my new-found friend Dev.


We saw the Big Ben and the London Eye at night.

I’m amazed at how the Brits light up these structures. You won’t see any bulbs exposed outside.

This stage of my life is pretty fun. I kind of just go with the flow with no rigid plans in tow! (FYI, I’m a frustrated rapper hahaha) I just take it all in and see where life takes me. Yesterday, it took me to London with a bonus micro-biologist to talk with. Today, it’s leading me to Paris and giving me an opportunity to meet my dear French friend Amelie, cousin Charles, and college classmate Sonny (who will be flying from Germany). It’s surreal but I can’t even be bothered to blink for fear that I’d miss out!

As I turn 29, I vow to be more open to meeting lots of people, learn a thing or two from each one, and just live the best life I can, one cool detour to the next.

Posting these photos for posterity. I am thankful for the blessings; worried about the wrinkles!!!


Ageing [British English] / Aging [American English] (gracefully I hope!),



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