I couldn’t make it anymore obvious in my previous posts that I am a poor student living in England.

But I’m still a single lady with a desire to look “young” forever. Grooming is still at the top of the priority list. In my version of Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, image is more important than food. Yes, I am unashamed to declare that “I am vain”, like most of you out there are. 🙂 So let’s stop being sorry for caring about our appearances and start enjoying our vanity products!

Things I’ve learned here that I never in a million years would think I can ever do by myself:

1) Blow-dry my own hair almost everyday. I know it can harm my tresses but this cold weather will give me a headache if I go out with wet hair. I had to learn a technique called “sectioning”. I part my hair in “sections” starting from below upwards. I use a huge brush (£1 in Primark) and Babyliss’ turbo dryer (£10 on sale in Boots). I point the dryer downwards to make my hair look as straight as it is in the photo below.



2) Thread my own eyebrows. Back in Manila, I go to the salon twice a month to have my brows cleaned. Now, I had to learn how to use a thread and tweeze my own brows. Youtube became my bestfriend. I also now know how to cut my nails (but with some casualties, I broke one nail yesterday! Hahaha)


3) Dye my own hair. I used to spend a lot of money to have my hair professionally dyed. I recently got tired of my red hair and decided to turn it into dark brown again. I bought a £5 Clairol foam dye and did it all by myself (But thanks to my classmate Aizee for helping me massage my scalp! Hahaha slumber party!). I was done in 25 minutes! What a huge savings from the £55 that a salon here would charge me for coloring. (Notice the inverted Wilkinson plastic bag I cut to serve as a protective cape?! Hahahah)



I used to depend on so many people when I prepare for work in the morning–a househelper to wash and iron my clothes, my dearest cousin/housemate to blow-dry my hair. Sometimes I even ask Karen of David’s salon to go to my unit to iron my hair. Too high maintenance! Now I think I’ve proven to myself that one can live independently and still look good and have fun! Yey to DIY!




Hi, I'm d. My blog, Cool Detour, is all about refreshing breaks from the usual. Follow me for travel, makeup, and lifestyle stories. :)

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