This is probably the first weekend we are finding ourselves not in a new destination. We had plans of going to Cambridge but work and school got in the way. So we are now stuck in P’bro.

School work–oh how we struggle! Finance Management is the hardest! It’s excruciatingly painful for our right-dominant brains. What others learn for at least 4 months (e.g. taxation), we have to master within a 6-hour long lecture. I guess that’s why it’s called Masters. They expect us to already know the basics so we can already master the discipline. This is probably the only time I’m regretting not taking Finance back in college. I tried to escape Calculus and all of the number-heavy subjects and filled my curriculum with marketing and advertising electives. I had no clue back then that Finance is inevitable. (More like invincible if you ask me now!)

I think I’m doing it again–avoiding Finance. Coz I’m blogging instead of answering my homework on Investing policies. 🙂

There are moments when I find the subject really interesting. I am secretly contemplating on getting Corporate Finance as my second term elective but I’m just too scared of flunking! Plus, International Business and Marketing sounds more like my turf. Hashtag NerdProblems.

Anyway, enough of my student ramblings and back to this weekend. Staying in made me realize that I haven’t shown you guys where we live! My parents haven’t seen pictures of the house we are renting here. We got it for cheap and we used to have a British housemate but now he’s gone. We are set to transfer to a nearer house which our landlord also owns. The lay-out of that house is pretty much the same as the one we’re staying in at the moment.

Let me take you on a tour:
This is our kitchen where all the fun happens! The first time I ever peeled potatoes and cooked bangers and mash from scratch happened right here. I also cooked pesto pasta for our crazy classmates one night. We were all walking home and felt extremely hungry so they all made a detour to our house.



This is our bare living area. Notice that we don’t have a dining table yet. I don’t think we’re ever gonna get one since we’re moving out soon.


The stairs leading to a digital artwork that I don’t fancy that much.


And there’s another version of the photo inside Rhona’s room:


And this is where I sleep and dream of one day becoming a popstar. Hahaha


The shower…(originally wanted a house with a tub and a rubberduckie but we obviously can’t afford it. ;( )


And our backyard filled with fallen autumn leaves! Yup, we’re too lazy to rake.


That’s our humble abode and these are photos from one of our nights out.



Christmas lights are up at the town plaza!




If things go according to plan, I will be spending my birthday and Christmas in one of my ultimate dream destinations! I am praying so hard for it.

Ok, I think that’s enough procrastinating for the day.

Back to work,



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