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Not too long ago, I went through a sad phase in my life. I felt like I was passing through a dark tunnel, wondering if I’d ever see the light in the end.

I decided to be inactive on social networking sites for a while until I received one random email from the UK. It came from a distant Auntie.

In her mail, she said that she has no idea what I’m going through but she feels my sadness even from afar. She reminded me that life is beautiful and that I should never stop writing because I inspire people like her. She said she enjoys reading my posts and although she understands my need to “hibernate”, I should try to pick up the pieces, get-up, move forward, and keep writing. It was an unsolicited advice but certainly a good and appreciated one!

My Auntie Cora from England haven’t even met me in person but she was kind enough to empower me even through a simple letter. She somehow led me to see the light. No, at that time, she was my bright light.


Who would have thought that I’d find myself studying MBA in the UK…where my Auntie Cora lives?! After about a month of meeting different families every weekend, the time to meet Auntie Cora finally came! My friend and I took a train to East Grinstead and she fetched us at the station. I felt like I was meeting my mom again after a long time!

Auntie Cora introduced us to her lovely daughters and fun sisters! That weekend, she took us to the gay capital of England, Brighton, where we saw the Pavillion, countless of shops, and the Brighton Pier. 🙂 We capped the night at The Regency, a fancy fish and chips place. Thanks to Uncle Robin for the treat!

Her funny sister Auntie Tessie made us drink glasses and glasses of martini at the local pub. The only thing that took our buzz away was the ghost story of the handsome pub owner Simon. Apparently, there was a landlady who passed away years ago because she fell from the stairs. Since then, pub-workers have been experiencing weird things like feeling like someone was pushing or touching them while going down the stairs. Eerie.

The next day, we went to Haywards Heath to visit another sister, Auntie Cita, who cooked for us a yummy Filipino dish. We then drove to Hastings and saw the oldest pub built in the 1600s!

We wish we could have stayed longer! There might be a get-together soon! We can’t wait to go back! We miss everyone already!





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