The thing I like about family is that they find you wherever you are in the world!

My friend Rhona and I went to England NOT knowing that there will be people– distant relatives and fellow-Filipinos– who would be reaching out to us, adopting us for a few days, and making us feel like we’re part of their own happy families. They have been filling in the void in our hearts from missing our own families we left behind.

In London, the Gutierrez-Santiagos provided us a roof above our heads.

The Ocampo-Floreses and their friends accompanied us to every London bar imaginable!

The Oasays from Coventry drove to London just to meet us!

Here in Peterborough, a couple who owns the Filipino store “SARAP MABUHAY” invited us for dinner and taught us how to get by in this city. A million thanks to the Fabians!

In Pagnell, we have the lovely Cunninghams.

In Devon, the fun-loving Guzmans and the Velosos.

In Portsmouth, the closely-knit Lumabases.

Just last week, we stayed with the entertaining Santiano-Suba bunch in Sandy, Cambridgeshire.

This brood is the funniest! We had a good laugh listening to them banter and be sweet to each other all at the same time! The kids accompanied us from Sandy to Stevenage where we bargain-shopped for much-needed winter jackets and boots.

It has been an over-pouring of generosity and distinct Filipino hospitality weekend after weekend!


We can’t wait to meet the Sadi-Newarks in East Grinstead next week! If and when we get our Schengen visas on time, the Charpientiers and Brussets in France and the Wuthriches who will be flying from Switzerland to London for New Year’s Eve!

I was recently asked to give a testimonial about this MBA experience for a workshop sponsored by the British Council and Global Education and below is what I sent them. It encapsulates everything I’m feeling about this phase of my life.

“MBA in the UK. It’s the coolest detour I’ve ever made in my entire life! Each day is a humbling, exhilarating, and enriching experience! This is not just an investment for the future. This is already one beautiful life unfolding. “





Hi, I'm d. My blog, Cool Detour, is all about refreshing breaks from the usual. Follow me for travel, makeup, and lifestyle stories. :)


  1. I am so proud to be half-Filipina. Whenever I read about the generosity and kindness of other Filipinos towards each other and non-Filipinos, it warms my heart alike. No one is more generous or shows you a good time like Filipinos! Pinoy Pride!

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