I was supposed to be in London for the weekend. But things took a sudden turn and I ended up cruising along The English Riviera.

Rhona and I got an invitation from our classmate Ate Joy to visit her hometown Devon at the Southeast of England. Her house was located right along the coast of the English Riviera. The everyday view made the 5-hour drive from Peterborough worth it!

We stayed at this part of the house.

The house was overlooking the sea.


For 2 days, Ate Joy and husband Kuya Jessie together with their friend Ian toured us around the Torbay area.

First stop:


This place sits adjacent to Torquay, where Ate Joy lives. It boasts of stunning coastal views and a historic cliff railway.

Imagine waking up to this view every morning.

This reminded me of Watsons Bay in Australia. Only this had a well-maintained picnic park right above the cliff.

When I win the lotto, I now know where I’m going to build my dream house! 🙂

I took the plunge! 🙂 They say that Devon is the hottest part of the UK which appealed to the island girl in me.


Just a few minutes from Babbacombe is Decoy Lake in Newton Abbot. Many kayak and sailboat enthusiasts frequent the area.

There’s a huge playground beside the lake. The facilities can also be used by adults.

If the US has trailer parks, the UK has caravan parks.

Thomas and Friends! The South Devon Railway still makes use of steam engines.


Dawlish is another coastal area, a flora and fauna haven.

There are white birds…

And black swans!

We took countless of artsy-fartsy photos. “Smile at the camera, don’t look at the camera, look up, turn your back, walk away.”

Even the dry lands are picturesque!


We stayed in the cold just to capture some night shots along the Torbay area.

If London has the London Eye. Torquay has the Torbay Eye.

The night photographer.

Where’s our boat?

Like a postcard.

We spent the night here, marvelling at the lights, and dancing to the hiphop and r&b songs blasted from my iPhone.


At Dartmouth, we parked our cars at the edge of the docking area. Then a ferry pulled the piece of cement holding all our cars from one side of the river to the other. Now that’s one cool shortcut!

What a fun town to live in! There are clowns…


and benches!


They have all kinds of ships in Devon. Jack Sparrow’s pirate ship included!


Our last stop was Paignton Pier. There was a casino inside but us paupers only played the cheap arcade games.

2 days aren’t enough to see all of Devon. Who knows, we might find ourselves on a road trip again to the ends of England!


I think we are now at the most difficult stage of this phase in our lives: the adjusting period. New country, no job, terrible cold weather. But despite the challenges, we are reminded that we are still very blessed because of the kind people we encounter here everyday, like Ate Joy! Not to mention the new places we get to see and marvel at!

I read this in the blog of my friend Christina’s mom. She writes about her thoughts and feelings while her daughter Amberle is in the ICU, on the road to recovery from a fatal skin disease that struck her out of nowhere. Her strength inspires me everyday. Their family’s resilience is a well of hope for those who are struggling to make sense of the challenges life throws at us. In her entry entitled “Words”, she wrote:

“I never really thought about it before, but life itself seems to turn on these two little letters. In fact, “if” is at the very heart of “life” itself—quite literally. I don’t think that’s by chance. Nothing in life is certain, and I don’t think it’s intended to be. If life were certain, then faith would not be required. Personally, I believe that sometimes God is silent in order to build our faith. That’s when we have to look “if” in the eye and know that when we can’t see His hand, we can trust His heart.”

Right now, Rhona and I are just going with the flow. The future, uncertain. We are taking it all in and maximising the experience. We have questions like after this phase, what will happen next? To our careers? To our personal lives? So much uncertainty! We’re not used to NOT having a plan because all our lives, we’ve worked hard to accomplish our life goals. And in times when we are alone in our new home and deafened by the silence, I remember the words of Christina’s mom: ” God is faithful even in His silence.”



p.s. Please pray for the continued healing of Amberle.



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