The original plan was to visit my cousin C in France earlier this year. But things got hectic. So C decided to pay us an early visit instead. Good timing ‘coz his DJ friend was also scheduled to play at Fabric bar in London. He now had a good excuse to get away from Versailles and party with us over the weekend.

Thank God it’s Friday! Right after our class in Peterborough, we trooped to the station, hopped on the East-West train, and met-up with C at the Citadines hotel in Central. The hotel was strategically chosen as it was just a stone throw away from all the bars, including Fabric.
Fabric is a labyrinth with 3 huge dark rooms that played cutting-edge house, techno, disco, and dub-techno music. Not our usual playlist but hey, when there’s rhythm, there’s dance!

A bit of trivia: some party drugs are legal in the UK. But we’re good kids so we stayed away from the party pills. We really don’t get the concept of those drugs. You take it and get high. You think you look cool but in reality, you look crazy and get stinky. Totally uncool.
Anyway, we danced the night away and went back to the hotel before sunrise.
Somebody snored out of exhaustion but I swear it wasn’t me! (He who denied it, supplied it?! LOL) Still wasn’t me! Don’t tell him but Rhona and I think it’s C. Hahaha
We had a busy day ahead as C wanted to see Camden Town and the Tower of London.
Camden Town is proof that punk is very much alive and vegan is gaining a profitable following.
I tasted the best chocolate sandwich cookie from Cookies and Scream, one of the many vegan stores in the area.
We saw a huge sign that spelled bargain shopping but as I’ve shared in my recent post, we’re trying to live with a lot less. So we just surveyed the merchandise and left empty-handed.


Halloween is just around the corner. In Camden, people were already dressed-up in costumes! Wonder what Rhona and I will be this year. Maybe we’ll dress-up as Max and Caroline from the sitcom Two Broke Girls. Who knows? People might start giving us money. Oh I know, we should bake cupcakes like they did! So if people don’t get who we are supposed to be, at least they’ll reduce us as the “cupcake ladies”. Sounds like a plan, huh? 🙂
Enough about Halloween and more of our Saturdate with C.
On our way to the Tower of London, I saw a cute kid who reminded me of my smart cousin Martin. I discreetly took a picture of him. But gauging from this photo, I guess I wasn’t discreet enough. Wherever you are kiddo, know that I only did it coz I found you sooo cute and you made me miss home. :s
Tower of London…in my first post about this city, I only got to show you one tower, taken from afar. I promised to show you more of it and voila!
Enjoy the photos of the tower from day to night and from different angles.
I like our photos with C smiling. It’s so rare to get this private guy to smile in photos.
That night, we dined at the fancy restaurant near our hotel. When we asked for the “l’addition s’il vous plait”, I was shocked to see that with service charge, per meal amounted to £20! It was outrageously expensive! That would probably be the last time we’re gonna treat ourselves to fine dining. For that cost, we would already be having a fiesta in the Philippines! 🙂
On C’s last day, we hung-out at Costa near the station for cheap tea and pastries. We took pictures at King’s Cross St. Pancras and hugged the Frenchman goodbye.
Thanks, C, for taking the time to visit and for teaching me nice French words! I know you’re missing my non-stop singing and rapping. And my sexy robot dance as well! See you in Versailles!
votre cousin avec un joli visage, les cheveux, les yeux, le nez, la bouche, les sourcils, les joues,


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